Finding Work-from-Home Jobs on YouTube

Type “work from home jobs” on YouTube, and you’ll get plenty of videos on the subject. To find and apply for work-from-home jobs on YouTube that are a good fit for you, use the tips below:

Consider common work-from-home jobs

Some occupations are better suited to working from home: customer service representative, data entry clerk, receptionist, administrative assistant, tutor, tech support, medical biller, and medical data entry clerk. Research these and other occupations you would like to do from home on O*NET OnLine ( and its Related Activities Search ( under Advanced Searches. For help using this webpage, go to O*NET OnLine Help: Related Activities Search (

Another useful comparison tool is Compare Occupations | CareerOneStop:

Be specific

When searching for work-from-home jobs on YouTube, type in a specific job title and a few preferences that are important to you. For salary, use a range. “Customer service work from home jobs entry level $20 to $30 an hour,” for example.

Do you prefer jobs that require little to no social interaction? Try these keywords: introvert, non-phone, no phones, data entry, email support, email and chat work, delete spam comments, listen to calls, or online typing jobs.

Other preferences: no degree, make your own schedule, virtual, full-time, part-time, seasonal, and work from anywhere.

Tap the notification bell

Watch recently uploaded videos first. When you find one or two channels you like, subscribe, and tap on the notification bell to be notified of new videos and updates.

Fact check

Before applying for a job you’ve seen on YouTube, make sure it’s on the company’s website. If the job isn’t listed, don’t apply. If the job is listed, read the job description to customize your resume to the job.

Customize your resume

Employers and recruiters want to know that you’re qualified for the job and that you’re able to work from home. Keep an eye out for job-related and work-from-home requirements in videos and job descriptions. If needed, obtain those requirements. Then, list them on your resume under the Summary or Qualifications section to improve your chances of getting an interview. Examples of work-from-home requirements:

• Maintain a professional workspace at home
• High-speed internet with ability to hardwire router
• Noise-canceling USB headset

After you’ve customized your resume, follow the company’s instructions on how to apply for the job.

If you’re not finding work-from-home jobs on popular employment websites, try searching on YouTube. To stay focused on your search, ask yourself:

What knowledge, skills, experience, and education do I have that I want to use/do from home?

What knowledge, skills, experience, education, and equipment do I have that will allow me to do well in occupations better suited to working from home?

What knowledge, skills, experience, education, and equipment do I need to be able to work from home?

What are my work-from-home preferences? How would I rank them in order of importance?

Work-from-home jobs really do exist.

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Be well,
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Josie Toth is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions. She facilitates job search skills and career exploration classes in the 13-county Houston-Galveston area. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and enjoys encouraging others in their pursuit of meaningful work.

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