Work Routine: It all starts with an alarm

Do you have a hard time getting your day started? Do you ever find yourself pressing the snooze button and rushing out the door for work? If this happens to you quite often, you need a wake-up call to get into a routine! I have suggestions to improve your work routine and professionalism to stay employed, feel more structured, and improve relationships. Even if you don’t work in person and have a Monday through Friday job, this can apply to anyone wanting to improve their work performance.

Let’s start by discussing a morning routine before going to work by waking up early. Running late can increase your chances of speeding to work or getting stuck in traffic. It can also negatively alter your mood and cause you to feel distressed. Stop hitting the snooze button today, and get plenty of rest! It is suggested to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, and it helps to go to bed at a particular time during the work week. Setting your alarm clock early and getting out of bed will allow you time for yourself. You can drink some coffee, eat breakfast, clean, or wake up earlier to work out! Doing this will get you to work early and put you in a good mood if you’re mentally ready to start your day by being present.

Over time, having a work routine can help build relationships on a personal and professional level. When you’re consistent with a work routine, you can achieve many goals, making you feel more accomplished, and over time you might begin to grow on a personal level. Implementing your day with structure can increase your ability to focus, stay organized, and have a productive day. Plan your day and make a list starting with what is a priority and eliminate each task. You can set reminders on your calendar to also feel more structured. This is when you build relationships on a professional level. When you increase your performance at work, people will notice, and you will become more valuable. Displaying a warm and attentive character will improve relationships with the people you work with as they see you’re an asset to the company.

Staying focused on the job is extremely important for so many reasons. It will keep you employed due to minimal mistakes. It can also get you a raise when it comes to evaluations or, even better, a promotion. You can accomplish this by focusing on one task and goal simultaneously. Celebrate the small victories to maintain healthy habits. You can start a work routine today by setting your alarm clock early to be focused, present, build relationships, and be ready to take control of your day.

Jessica Savala is a Career Navigator for Workforce Solutions. She supported in all areas of the Career office for customers, staff, and the management team. By analyzing customer needs, she has assisted in job readiness, financial aid, funding for the office, and support services for training customers and customers who have obtained employment. With over 8 years of experience in customer service, she has a passion for helping others and is proud of her career in workforce development. She plans to continue her education as she holds an Associate of Arts Degree

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