Shifting Gears

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With the rapid change of the current job market and the heightened unemployment rate, it is crucial to be adaptable. My background consists of music performance and education, and within the last two years, I developed skills in recruiting, social services, case management, and public training. Many people are required to look for employment outside their previous career paths due to recent events, and there are some things to consider if you are a part of this group.  

  • Assess what skills you have developed in your current or previous job. It is necessary to identify your work experience. Be sure to think of all day-to-day tasks that are required. I sought the help of employment counselors to help recognize skills that I overlooked.
  • Research which positions value the skills you have. As you may know, this step will determine which career field you will enter. This information is often found within the job posting and precisely in the job description. This step helps imagine the destination of the prospective employee.
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  • Craft your resume for the prospective job that interests you. I overlooked this step when I had my initial appointment with an employment counselor early in 2019. Your resume should speak to solving the problems listed in the job description. Paying attention to the qualifications section can help you achieve this goal. Often employers are looking for buzz words such as “problem solver, tech-savvy, office 365 proficient.” This practice allows the hiring manager to picture you in the position and increases your chances of getting the job.
  • Be prepared to interview virtually. Virtual interviewing is a growing trend due to the increasing practice of employees working from home. The idea of being able to shake the hand of a hiring manager is a long shot these days. The use of smartphones as a practice tool is beneficial to put your best foot forward during the interview process.

               These tips and many others are available through our online tutorials at in the online learning section. You also can visit your local Workforce Solutions Career office and receive a lot of outstanding services. Some services include job search assistance, career counseling, resume assistance, and many more.

William McQueen is a Career Navigator for Workforce Solutions. He brings a wealth of experience as a former Personal Service Representative at one of the busiest offices within the region. Outside of his current role at Workforce Solutions, William is an active music educator and performer in the Houston area. He looks forward to contributing to the team, looking for ways to expand influence and working knowledge of the workforce system.

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