S.A.V.O.R. The Time

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It is that time of year set aside to give thanks; as for me, it is a reminder to ALWAYS be thankful. This year I dug even deeper into my heart. Last week I attended a conference, and the keynote speaker, repeated a quote by Scott O’Neil. She quoted, “Be Where Your Feet Are,” and then asked the audience what we thought that meant and what we thought about the quote. My co-attendees responded and expounded on their thoughts but, I kept my thoughts internal and marinated on that quote for the next five days.

I know Scott O’Neil’s quote “Be where your feet are” and often speak on the importance of “being present – now, while you are in this moment” (the foundation of his best-selling book, which bears the quote). We are supposed to pay attention to who we are with and only them. Interesting enough, the keynote speaker’s inquiry into my thoughts was like handing me a shovel to dig deeper into my mind.

So, I thought of this season of gratitude. How can I appreciate each moment in time? How can I be grateful – thankful, no matter what the situation is, then create my special secret sauce to remember the experience on an encouraging level? Secret sauce has a taste. Taste has a savor, S.A.V.O.R.! I will “Be Where My Feet Are,” but I will also “S.A.V.O.R. The Time,” and I encourage you to do the same.

Sensing where we are, we should absorb it is of utmost importance. We should use our body’s senses too. What lights, colors, and images do we see? What sounds, rhythms, words, and music can we hear? What scents are in the air?  What can we taste with our tongue, and how are the salvatory glands in our mouths responding? Lastly, what pains, itches, and tickles do we feel against the folds of the skin.

Appreciating that moment in time we are in, marinate it in your mind with thanksgiving. What small thing did someone do is appreciative right now? How did it affect us?

Notice the Vitality and animation in this second of time. How does it make us feel alive?

Open our hearts so we can not only with others well but wish OURSELVES well. We must take care of ourselves, so we are well enough to care for others. How can we take this very moment and expand it to include someone else?

Relax our mind, surrendering to the mild or spicy savoring experience. How does it feel? Remember this. Please write it down, journal it, but no matter what, be grateful for the people you are with, all you sensed, your surroundings, time, and the space. It will collectively never pass again. If today holds a bad experience for you, find something to learn from it. Be grateful tomorrow is a new day.  Again, this day only passes once in a lifetime.

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Ireina Reeves is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions, which serves 13 counties of the Houston/Galveston region.  Ireina brings over 10 years of experiences to the team in public speaking, curriculum development, staff training, career consulting, resume writing, and recruiting. She has presented and advised professionals across several industries such as legal, government, collegiate, corporate and nonprofit organizations. She has a zeal for helping job seekers reach their full potential by removing obstacles and tailoring strategies in today’s labor market.

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