Valuable Training Opportunities

Successful Job Seekers Swear By!

The most successful job seekers do not remain unemployed for very long. They know that one of the first things they need to do is figure out exactly how much they need to learn about job search. Workforce Solutions offers both online learning & live webinar training opportunities designed to learn more about current techniques. Expect to learn how to start your job search through four step-by-step (virtual) modules. You will have a much more realistic mindset to understand employer expectations.

Before we talk about our four-module summaries, keep in mind that NETWORKING is still considered the best way of finding employment. Module 4 will discuss networking in detail.

Also, keep in mind that you may participate in online learning and webinar options as often as you like. I encourage you to do so before you make costly mistakes.

Module 1 A Targeted Plan focuses on planning, creating, and implementing a successful job search. The entire module utilizes a user-friendly approach. You may also expect to learn how to use labor market information based on current Gulf Coast labor market predictions.  You are introduced to the 30-Second Commercial and the CAR Statement (Challenge, Action, Result). You will also learn the importance of conducting research and self-evaluation using online resources.  

Module 2 Job Readiness Toolkit highlights best practices of resumes and applications. When it comes to describing your skills to an employer, less is considered more! There are similarities between the two; there are very distinct differences as well. Both documents command equal importance in establishing first impressions. The average employer spends between two to 30-seconds reviewing a resume, so they need to be ready in a flash. Therefore, the first impression of your resume should be clear, targeted, and specific.

Plan on spending time developing several different targeted resumes for every position for which you applied. If you do not, outdated verbiage and “look” of your resume will give you away every time. It will tell the employer your job search skills are not current.

The 30-second commercial is re-visited in Module 2. Additional tips and resources will be available through the online job search as you gain confidence in your search.

Join me next time for part two of, “Four Valuable Training Opportunities Successful Job Seekers Swear by!” I cannot wait to continue our countdown of valuable training modules offered through Workforce Solutions. Until then, please be well.

Online Learning

Available 24/7. Self-paced. Individual Participation. Registration not required

Job Search Seminars

Scheduled “Live” Webinars. Expect other participants. Must register beforehand

Frieda Carmouche is a member of the Regional Facilitator Team specializing in training and development of students, job seekers, and career center staff. She is comfortable with individual coaching and large group presentations. Frieda is honored to have served and was chosen as the team’s first “Mentoring Coach.” She obtained her BFA in Graphic Communications and minored in Psychology from The University of Houston Central Campus. A native Houstonian with a passion for workforce development; she is extremely proud of her rewarding 20+ year career with Workforce Solutions.

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