Day in the Life Series: Stay-at-Home Mom to AEL Student


Greetings! Thank you for joining the second blog in the “Day in the Life Series.” If you haven’t already, take a glance at M. Contreras’s student experience in the first blog, which is a wonderful transition to today’s student highlight. The pursuit of growth and willingness to learn can greatly impact an individual’s life—students who decide to commit to personal development use educational opportunities to improve their lives for the better.

While pursuing growth, having reliable and successful resources can make the journey more obtainable. Workforce Solutions (WFS) and Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers can be a valuable resource to influence an individual’s growth efforts by providing job search assistance, education advancement, financial assistance, and individual childcare needs. If you are interested in learning about educational opportunities and WFS services, please reach out to your nearest Career office or visit our website for virtual access at  Workforce Solutions Website

Student Experience:

Today’s blog expresses insight from a full-time mother who was persistent in completing her AEL certificate in Child Development. She has graciously agreed to share her tips with students and those thinking of taking AEL classes. Out of respect for her privacy, she will be referred to as Tiffany.

Tip #1: It is never too late! 

Everyone has to start somewhere. It may not ever feel like the right time, considering the unexpected challenges of this year. For Tiffany, having the kids at home the entire school year, there was not much time in the day to fit in more schooling for herself. She decided that she wanted to find a career path that matched her kids’ schedule and going into the teaching/child development field was a career path that interested her. I want you to ask yourself what career would you be willing to learn if it could offer you an opportunity for career advancement? Then I encourage you to reach out and learn how you can gain the education and experience necessary to be in that field. 

Tip #2: Choose balance in the midst of being overwhelmed.

This action may necessitate a mindset shift because learning something new can be demanding due to the amount of information you receive while also carrying out your daily responsibilities. Invest your time in focusing on resources that create balance. Getting a calendar, creating designated timeslots to complete projects, and even being mentally focused can go a long way in feeling less overwhelmed and staying focused on the overall goal.

Tip #3: Remember that challenges lead to personal growth! 

Lastly, whether it is a challenge in your personal life or within the classroom, it always leaves room for a lesson. In Tiffany’s experience, while taking online classes, she encountered technology challenges that forced her to learn new tools she would not have experienced otherwise. The key is never giving up and staying committed to your goals regardless of how many challenges you face. This might sound easier said than done but know you are not alone. Think of the few tips, Tiffany has shared and grow!

Again, sharing student stories, tips, and challenges every quarter brings insight into the AEL student experience. So that others may be encouraged to take their career-advancing journey too. Please feel free to share this information with someone you know or even consider it for yourself. If you are interested in learning how you can find out which education provider is best for you or want to receive assistance with career exploration, job search, financial aid, and childcare; please reach out to your nearest Workforce Solutions office or contact the toll-free number: 1 (888) 469-5627.

Alexandra Howard is a new member of the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Navigator Team for Workforce Solutions. She will be collaborating with community partners in the Gulf Coast Region to educate and train employers, Workforce Solutions staff, and job seekers to assist in advancing company growth, career, and academic mobility. Alexandra has prior job experience in recruiting on behalf of the employer and candidates. Understanding the skillsets job seekers provide and the necessities of the employers aids in maintaining a successful Adult Education & Literacy Integration. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University and is currently obtaining a Master of Public Administration from Texas Southern University.

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