Choosing Between Two Star-Qualified Candidates

JessicaThinking from an employer’s perspective, how can you choose between two star-qualified applicants? There are so many things to consider when selecting the most qualified person to work for your company. With so many people applying for unemployment (UI), one of the requirements to continue receiving benefits is to apply for jobs. As an employer, you can imagine there may be countless applications submitted online. Who is job-ready and qualified for the position? Who is simply trying to meet their job search requirements? In 2o2o, the work search requirement was waived due to the pandemic, but most UI claimants still needed to look for work.

Today’s technology allows hiring managers to track numerous job applications efficiently. With applicant tracking systems (ATS), employers can review and scan keywords on a resume to help them choose the best candidate. But sometimes a human touch is needed to complement technology. The following are suggestions to keep in mind when selecting the right candidate.

  • Should you choose someone who fits the culture of your company? Choosing someone who fits the culture of your company is certainly ideal. However, be careful to not let that reduce diversity in your company. Instead, think of it as adding culture to your company. Diversity in the workplace brings value and a different set of ideas to the team. For example, adding a foreign language skill can open doors for business. Imagine the possibilities and people you can reach when you have several approaches to productivity.
  • Who was most enthusiastic about the position? Most of the time, candidates who are most excited about the job will be the most successful in the long run. If they projected upbeat, positive energy, that potential employee might make a positive impact on your team.
  • What does the applicant want for the future? And how does that reflect what you want for your company? Are you looking for employees to grow? Most star-qualified applicants anticipate receiving growth opportunities.
  • Test their knowledge. If you still cannot decide who to choose for your candidate, conduct an experiential interview to test their knowledge. In an experiential interview, applicants perform sample work. Ask the potential employee about what they know about the company. Any serious applicant knows to research a company before an interview. If they are going to deal with customers, what does customer service mean to them? If written communication is required, ask them to review a paragraph and correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes.

When you have two star-qualified candidates to choose from, see who is most ambitious and hardworking. Looking beyond the requirements will help you examine and select the right people to grow at your company. Although it can be challenging to choose the right employee, remember the people you interviewed, ask yourself the list of questions mentioned above, and choose a power star team who will go above and beyond to bring success to the company.

Jessica Savala is a Career Navigator for Workforce Solutions. She supports all areas of the career office for customers, staff, and the management team. By analyzing customer needs, she has assisted in job readiness, financial aid, funding for the office, and support services for training customers and customers who have obtained employment. With over 8 years of customer service experience, she has a passion for helping others and is proud of her career in workforce development. She plans to continue her education as she holds an Associate of Arts Degree.

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