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" "VictoriaProper webinar etiquette is an important component of producing a successful webinar presentation. Like live presentations, virtual demonstrations require practice, effective communication, and efficiency to be successful. Presenters and attendees should keep several key principles in mind to guarantee a rewarding webinar experience.

For presenters, it is important to test your equipment before conducting a live presentation. Give yourself a few days to practice and prepare by testing the sound, image quality, and script. In doing so, you are building proficiency and confidence.

Next, keep in mind that although your audience may not be able to physically see you, body language and tone of voice are extremely important throughout your delivery. Attendees can sense if the presenter is enthusiastic about the topic or is uninterested. Thus, presenters should remember to sit up straight, smile, and keep their voice at a steady pace.

Attendees, should arrive on time, turn off their webcam, and keep themselves muted to avoid interruptions or background noise. Most webinars offer a chatbox or the option to raise your hand in
the event you have any questions during the presentation. Those attending should also remember to remove distractions that may take away their focus. This could mean, asking small children or spouse to step into another room and placing your cellular device on vibrate.

My colleague and I recently found ourselves in a situation where an attendee interrupted our webinar unknowingly. During our presentation, we could hear this participant’s conversation with a family member, which was extremely disruptive. Continuing into the presentation, the attendee began tinkering around with pots and pans, apparently preparing lunch. Unfortunately, the webinar host could not remove the participant from the call as she had used a cell phone to dial into the live webinar.

Eventually, my colleague and I had to end the presentation early as the background noise continued from the caller. Practicing proper webinar etiquette must be exercised by presenters and attendees during live presentations, especially now since most companies have gone completely virtual due to the pandemic.

For the audience to fully receive the message, attendees should remain cognizant of their background noise out of respect for the presenters and fellow participants. Presenters should remember to sound enthusiastic, practice, and prepare in advance. Attendees, arrive on time, place yourself on mute, ask questions and remain observant. By implementing these simple webinar etiquette tips, your virtual presentation will surely be a success!

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Jasmin Grabowski has a passion for people and serving others. With a background in teaching, she provides her expertise on the Regional team as a College Navigator for Workforce Solutions. She is a graduate of Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in German. She also obtained her Job Coach certification from University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion and Sustainable Employment Program in 2019. Jasmin recently worked with Summer Earn and Learn Program 2019, initiated by the mayor of Houston to provide summer employment for youth. Her goal is to continue supporting her community by helping adults and students reach their fullest potential.

Victoria Hinojosa is a member of the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Navigator team for Workforce Solutions. She specializes in training and educating community partners, Workforce Solutions staff, and job seekers throughout the 13-county region. Prior to joining the Regional Team, she served over eight years at the Texas State University Career Services Center as a Recruiting Coordinator preparing college students for the workforce. Ms. Hinojosa holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from Texas State University.

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