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" "The workplace is shifting to a demand that is geared towards automation, innovation, and artificial intelligence. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has recognized this and has made it their top priority to revise their Career Pathways initiative to support the Texas economy.

Career Pathways equips students for college and careers related to high-skill, high-growth occupations that pay higher wages. To successfully execute this mission, Texas Education Agency is working closely with Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). These three agencies are working together to ensure that all students in Texas can benefit from the Pathways program initiative. The Houston-Galveston region offers opportunities in high-skill, high-growth industries related to Pathways. These types of jobs offer room for growth and current job openings with great salaries.

The Pathways initiative is a great way to have state agencies and school districts support Texas students. For this reason, there has also been more focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in schools, even at the elementary age level.

According to the Texas Education Agency, students that participate in College and Career Pathways gain valuable knowledge relevant to the current labor market.

Some agencies that support the vision and mission of Pathways programs include: Texas Gear Up State Grant, Tri-Agency Pathways Resources, and College and Career Counseling.

If you have a student that is in high school or close to graduating, being informed about Pathways opportunities can be beneficial.

It is imperative that students visit their College and Career Counselor as this is also a huge component of College and Career Pathways. Some campuses may have Academic Advisors. These professionals have a plethora of information students can use to their benefit to support knowledge on career pathways.

Lastly, the Texas Education Agency, Texas Workforce Commission, and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board are referred to as the Tri-Agency Pathways Resources and all support the 60×30 plan, which is to have 60% of all Texans between the ages of 25 – 34 obtain a postsecondary degree by the year 2030.

Having students participate in Pathways is a great start to a successful future that will support college and career readiness for an economy that is rapidly shifting towards digital transformation.

Jasmin Grabowski has a passion for people and serving others. With a background in teaching, she provides her expertise on the Regional team as a College Navigator for Workforce Solutions. She is a graduate of Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in German. She also obtained her Job Coach certification from University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion and Sustainable Employment Program in 2019. Jasmin recently worked with Summer Earn and Learn Program 2019, initiated by the mayor of Houston to provide summer employment for youth. Her goal is to continue supporting her community by helping adults and students reach their fullest potential.

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