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Falling in Love with your Job

FriedaIn tribute to Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrow, I’d like to share with you my “first job after college” story.

After graduating, too exhausted to find work, I took three weeks off to sleep and travel!

It was the early 80’s, and many of my friends moved to other cities for work. Houston’s labor market was over-saturated at the time and offered few Graphic Design opportunities. Stubbornly I decided to stay put and make it work.
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Career Pathways

" "The workplace is shifting to a demand that is geared towards automation, innovation, and artificial intelligence. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has recognized this and has made it their top priority to revise their Career Pathways initiative to support the Texas economy. Continue reading ‘Career Pathways’

Ready, Set, Goals!

Soha MohammedFor the last ten years or so, I have made New Year’s resolutions but haven’t kept up with them for longer than a few months. Lately, my lack of consistency has been bothering me. I started researching on how to be more consistent with goals and resolutions and believe it or not, this is a common struggle. Continue reading ‘Ready, Set, Goals!’