Giving Thanks

Josie TothIf you’re going through difficult times right now, it might be hard to be in a thankful mood. Understandably so – during trials and tribulations, we tend to focus more on improving our situation than giving thanks.

But if you’re ready to get into the thanksgiving spirit, try some of these activities to jumpstart a grateful heart:

Word Play

Journaling or simply writing down what you’re thankful for may improve your mood. Writing thank you notes to those that have helped you along the way this year may change your outlook as well. You can even choose not to mail them out – just the very act of writing thank you letters will help you feel more appreciative. If you have writer’s block, search “open thank you letters” and read letters of appreciation penned by others – this too will ignite the same warm-hearted feeling.

How can I brighten someone’s day?

Shifting your focus on to helping others, whether it’s a complete stranger, family member, or neighbor – even the smallest of gestures – I have found is a tried and true way to a more grateful state of being.

Other ways to generate a thankful mindset:

Smile. Hug. Hug some more. Spend time outside. Exercise. Star gaze. Laugh. Sing. Laugh again. Dance.

They say to dance like nobody is watching. I think that implies that we are afraid or ashamed to dance in front of people. I say dance like everybody is watching. Dance like your children are watching, your ancestors, your family. Dance for those who are hurting, those who can’t dance, those who lost loved ones and those who suffer injustices throughout the world. Let every step be a prayer for humanity! Most of all dance for the Creator, who breathed into your soul so you may celebrate this gift of life!” –Supaman

For inspiration

For assistance this holiday season:

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Be well.

Josie Toth is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions. She conducts job search skills and career exploration classes throughout the 13-county Houston-Galveston region. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, English, and is currently a member of Spring ISD CTE. Josie enjoys encouraging others in their pursuit of meaningful work and envisions a world where all workers earn a livable wage in the money economy.

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