AARP Foundation Back to Work 50+ Initiative (Part 2)

FriedaWorkforce Solutions & HCC Partner to Facilitate Back to Work 50+, an AARP Foundation Initiative
Last week in Part 1 of my blog we barely scratched the surface of the available information regarding the AARP Foundation’s, Back to Work 50+ initiative. HCC’s Program Lead Dana Sturdevant was introduced to you at that time. Let’s see what else she has to share. Thanks for coming back!

The Interview (Continued…)

Frieda: I am honored to say that both my colleague, Carolyn Kennard, and I were chosen from our Regional Team to collaborate directly with you for training and facilitating the coaching sessions.

What lead you to reach out to Workforce Solutions to establish this partnership?

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Dana Sturdevant
Dana: While we have excellent resources within our college, I was still looking to offer dedicated, ongoing support for our participants. Additionally, this is a national program; however, the goal for each national partner is to provide LOCAL workforce information. When it comes to subject matter experts in our Gulf Coast area, we look to Workforce Solutions to keep us up-to-date with, “Where The Jobs Are” currently!

Frieda, now I have a question for you from a Trainer’s perspective; what are your thoughts regarding this partnership?

Frieda: From our morning huddles (to strategize before participants arrive), to our after-coaching debriefs, we are focused on “value.” And, because participants have options to assess basic computer skills beforehand; each partner then knows exactly how to proceed within each strategy.

Assistance with 30-second commercials, resumes, and interviewing skills then becomes much more personal and customer-focused! This population comes to the table with a lifetime of knowledge, skills, abilities, and a no-nonsense approach to learning.
What a great question Dana; thanks for asking!

How has BTW50+ adjusted to our “New Normal” and the COVID-19 Pandemic when it comes to customer accommodations?

Dana: Like most everything around us we have had to move all our workshops, (orientation) and coaching, (job search skills training) online. Instead of receiving the workbook and other goodies upon arrival during workshops, the AARP Foundation mails the workshop to everyone registered along with login information for virtual workshops. When the Coaching Program is chosen; we meet at scheduled times (via virtual meetings) to present strategies and collaborate.

Frieda: Dana, if I were a participant, I would have obvious questions. Is there a charge or any special requirements to participate? And, how should I register for workshops and coaching sessions?

Dana: Thanks to our partnership with the AARP Foundation there is no cost for the workshop or the extended coaching program. Requirement? You must be 50+.

Anyone interested should register by reaching out to the AARP Foundation online or call 855-850-2525.

Frieda: When does the next workshop begin?

Dana: September 28th!

Frieda: Dana, I appreciate your time regarding the AARP Foundation’s BTW50+ Initiative at Houston Community College and the Workforce Solutions partnership.

To our readers… If you are a job seeker 50 years or older; why not come out and experience the BTW50+ opportunity for yourself?

On behalf of Workforce Solutions, I’m Regional Facilitator, Frieda Carmouche. Be well…

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Frieda Carmouche is a member of the Regional Facilitator team specializing in training, assisting students, job seekers, employers and career center staff throughout the Gulf Coast region. As Facilitator, she is comfortable with individual coaching, as well as large group presentations. Frieda has proven experience in training jobseekers within various age groups, ethnicity, and cultures regardless of ability or social-economic status. As of October 2019, she has been given the honor of serving as the Regional Team Mentoring Coach to further assist in the career development and growth of newly hired Training Facilitators. She obtained her BFA in Graphic Communications and minored in Psychology from The University of Houston Central Campus. Frieda is a native Houstonian with a passion for workforce development and has been employed by Workforce Solutions for over 20 years.

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