A Successful Virtual Job Interview

" "They say that looking for a job is a job. Now, just imagine adding the pressure of preparing for the actual interview on top of that! This can be extremely stressful for a person, especially if they are in dire need of employment. With jobs of the future changing and people, in general, having less time, employers have moved from personal interviews to virtual interviews. This strategy of conducting interviews is becoming more and more popular across the board.

My background is teaching and even in the education sector, principals are choosing to conduct virtual interviews instead of personal job interviews to save time and select highly qualified teachers for their campuses. A lot of job applications now even require applicants to complete an assessment so again; this is a way of seeking those individuals who are truly serious about the position they applied for.

Preparing for a virtual interview is much like going to a personal interview. You still must be on time, dress appropriately, and professionally conduct yourself. I will now share several tips with you to ensure your virtual job interview will be a success.

The first step in preparing for your virtual job interview is to remember to be yourself. It’s ok to remain natural while answering the interview questions. Second, it is good to practice responses at home with a friend or family member to get comfortable using your voice and facial expressions to demonstrate your excitement for the position.

" "I remember having a virtual interview for KIPP Schools. It felt extremely strange because the administrators had it set up such that the applicants were timed and required to submit responses verbally without seeing them. Whatever virtual interview process is used, be fully prepared to stand out from the crowd!

Next, you may also want to test out your technology including speakers a couple of days before the virtual interview to make sure the technology is working properly. The last thing you want to do is fumble around the day of the interview because the employer cannot hear you due to a technical error.

Lastly, you want to make sure the background is set up appropriately for the virtual job interview. For example, you don’t want to have your kids running around in the background or a family member visible to the camera. I would suggest sitting somewhere with a blank wall in the background to prevent any distractions.

By following these simple guidelines, I am sure your virtual interview experience will be a true success! Remember to remain enthusiastic, dress for success and be natural. Always, keep in mind a positive attitude equals positive results! In addition, Workforce Solutions has seminars that can help you prepare, or simply visit one of our locations. I wish you the best in your future job search!

Jasmin Grabowski has a passion for people and serving others. With a background in teaching, she provides her expertise on the Regional team as a College Navigator for Workforce Solutions. She is a graduate of Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in German. She also obtained her Job Coach certification from University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion and Sustainable Employment Program in 2019. Jasmin recently worked with Summer Earn and Learn Program 2019, initiated by the mayor of Houston to provide summer employment for youth. Her goal is to continue supporting her community by helping adults and students reach their fullest potential.

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