To Tell The Truth

" "“To Tell the Truth” is the title of a game show on television in which four panelists are given a person’s achievements and given the task of selecting which of the three candidates in front of them is the real person by asking questions. The impostors can lie, but the real person must always tell the truth.

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Many job seekers ask me if they should embellish a little on their resumes or during interviews. Some even disclosed they were told by family and friends to lie. I advise against both. Like the game show, it is the panel of hiring managers’ job to select the best candidate and it is the applicant’s job to prove they are the best candidate for the job. Tell the truth. One should not need to lie on one’s resume.

Truthfully, it is more important to focus on achievements than on duties. Tell how much, how often and how awesome you did your job. And don’t forget to “put a number on it.” Describe what makes you the best at what you do. Did you save the company time, money or reputation? Great, how much time or money? How did you save the company’s reputation? By what amount or percentage did you help to increase production? What steps did you take to make it a safer place to work?

Use the same approach during an interview. When asked a question, do not simply respond with “yes” or “no.” Add a CAR statement (Challenge, Action, and Result). Remember, the average attention span is about 30 seconds, so keep your CAR statement brief but comprehensive.

Challenge: What task were you given or issue were you facing that needed a solution.
In my current position as a warehouse associate at ABC Manufactures, my recent challenge was to reduce stockroom waste.

Action: What action did you specifically take to “save the day”.
I introduced a new process and designed a training program that ended up being carried out across all the company departments.

Results: How much time did you save the company/money did you make for or save the company/safer did you make the workplace?
My team managed to cut stockroom waste by 65% which, ultimately, slashed monthly costs by a quarter.

Then tell what you offer the company – why you are the best person for the job.
I know cost-saving solutions for the infant ward are among your key priorities. I’m sure I can use my expertise to achieve great results with this initiative.

Who are you – what makes you the best – to tell the truth?

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Ireina Reeves is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions. which serves 13 counties of the Houston/Galveston area region. Ireina brings over 10 years of career consulting, resume writing, and recruiting experience to the team. She has advised professionals across several industries such as legal, government, corporate and nonprofit administration. She has been a speaker, panelist, workshop trainer and seminar facilitator. She has spoken both on camera and live, and has presented to corporate, collegiate, nonprofit and government audiences. She has a zeal for helping job seekers reach their full potential by removing obstacles, developing exceptional resumes and tailoring career strategies that stand out in today’s labor market.

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