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The Act of Giving (and Receiving)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the time to cherish our loved ones’ fellowship, enjoy an extended restful weekend, and of course to taste-test every delicious dish until you are stuffed. During the festivity you may be asked, “what are you thankful for?”. If you’re like me your mind will go blank in a heartbeat despite being asked every year. But after a bit, we all realize that there are so many reasons to be grateful on Thanksgiving. Continue reading ‘The Act of Giving (and Receiving)’

Challenges of Life

Carolyn KinardMany individuals and youth visit various Workforce Solutions career offices daily seeking employment, training, the use of computers and fax machines, or interview with an onsite employer that’s hiring. As adults, we all face life challenges in taking care of self and family, but sometimes we neglect taking the time to speak with our kids regarding some of the challenges they may be facing in school, or something personal they are dealing with from an emotional perspective. Continue reading ‘Challenges of Life’

The 183-Year-Old

Richard PratherPart Two
While still hugging Ms. Jaya, she expressed right away “I didn’t get the gig and I am disappointed in you!” With a laugh on my face, I said, “ME?” “Yes, you said I shouldn’t have any issues getting that storyteller position” she stated as she pushed away from our hug. “Ms. Jaya, I received some feedback from the interviewer.” Looking down at the gravel around our feet, “Oh really” she said exhaling. Ms. Jaya, knowing that a reality check conversation was on its way, released her dog to the elements of the park. Lika gladly ran off with four-and-a-half other dogs in the park, leaving us to talk freely. Continue reading ‘The 183-Year-Old’

The 183-Year-Old

Richard PratherPart One
There was a lady who lived down the street and I used to see her at the dog park now and then as I ran by. One day her dog got loose just as I ran around the corner. I called out to her dog, “Lika!” She ran right to me as if we had been best friends for years. Relieved, I picked her up with a smile and walked her back to the dog park. Ms. Jaya was already making her way to me slowly, thanking me continuously. “I was happy to be in the right area at the right time,” I explained. It was clear that she was upset, so I invited her to sit with me on a nearby bench. Continue reading ‘The 183-Year-Old’