Opportunities through Employment and Entrepreneurship

Today’s job market is filled with many opportunities for individuals to grow and advance in their career.  Leading job trend researchers predict that U.S. job openings will continue to hit new highs as employers are in robust demand for workers.

Analysts believe that unemployment rates have fallen to the lowest rate in nearly 50 years.  Studies have shown that productivity is directly connected with the number of jobs in local labor markets.  Employment growth may lead to productivity which in turn fosters future economic growth though out the United States and of course the state of Texas.

This is a great time to explore your options for employment and research areas that best suit your skill set, career goals and interests to compete in the global economy.  When potential candidates obtain jobs, work experience and skills training, they are equipped for today and more employable for the future.

Entrepreneurship is a bright possibility in which many are pursuing today in an effort to take their career and dreams into their own hands.  It is the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit.  The more modern idea of entrepreneurship involves transforming the world by helping to solve a problem.

There are many pathways to consider as you make career plans for the future.  The opportunities are unlimited.  Pursue your dreams through a career or entrepreneurship; and build a quality of life that will sustain you and your family for years to come.

Keep in mind that the Workforce Solution is there as a future resource for all job seekers. Don’t hesitate to visit the Workforce Solutions website  and check out High-Skill, High-Growth Jobs needed in the Gulf Coast Region. Also, for more information on occupations supported by scholarships, again contact the Workforce Solutions employee at a local center near you or call 1.888.469.5627 for more information.

Carolyn Kennard is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions in the Houston – Galveston area. She conducts job search skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast region. Before embarking on a career in workforce development, Carolyn achieved success in marketing and training with a major oil company. Carolyn holds a B.A. degree from Virginia State University and an M.A. degree from Prairie View A&M University.

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Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 13-county Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region. Workforce Solutions helps employers solve workforce-related business problems and area residents build careers, so that both can better compete in the changing worldwide economy. Our Employer Service Division provides personalized service to help employers find qualified applicants for their jobs, build the skills and expertise of their new and current employees, and address human resource needs. We operate multiple community-based career offices in 13 Texas Gulf Coast counties to help residents get a job, keep a job or get a better job – offering placement, career counseling and financial aid services. We partner with the region’s businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations and community leaders to find solutions to current and future labor needs of industries that are vital to the region and its economy.

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