Tis the Season to Shop for Jobs

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of us are buying things for the ones we love and expressing gratitude to those whom we care about. In three out of the past five Christmases (hopefully a year from now I won’t be saying four out of the past six), my wallet took a deep hit by overdoing it at the checkout line. I’ve told myself, “I need a higher paying job to deal with this,” and I’m sure those who don’t have jobs say the same thing without the “higher paying” part. Whether we can afford it or not, we make it happen and we still live to see another day and another year. If you are in either of those situations, Workforce Solutions is here to help.

Seasonal Jobs

During this time of the year, the opportunities we see come into our local economy are in the areas of trade, transportation and retail. Workforce Solutions has twenty-four career offices within our Gulf Coast region that frequently hold hiring events (also known as job fairs), where employers in these areas are looking for employees to staff up for the holidays. Let’s take a moment to think of the time between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve (now). We’ve all seen the viral videos. People are chaotically hunting for deals and bargains.

The Houston Supply Chain

Now, let’s start from the bottom and work our way through the process an item goes to get from its maker to its buyer. To manage chaos and sell the most items it can, stores need to hire people to stock, manage, and secure the premise. All the items need to be delivered to the store by drivers from all the warehouses around the Houston area.

Those warehouses need to be staffed with loaders, un-loaders, inventory specialists, enterprise resource program users and specialists, managers, and so on. Items coming into the warehouses arrive from other nationwide warehouses and from the Port of Houston, where cargo ships need captains and individual ports need freight crane operators and other laborers. Phew! I know that seems long-winded, but the jobs I mentioned and those directly related, added 6,100 jobs to our region the last time jobs were reported.

What Job Seekers Should Do

As I write this blog, the United Parcel Service (UPS) held hiring events at our Southeast and Texas City career offices this week. If you search for job fairs and hiring events  at www.wrksolutions.com, you will find opportunities like UPS openings and perhaps other opportunities like the ones I previously mentioned or ones I didn’t.

With all the changes happening at Workforce Solutions regarding inclusion and diversity, I firmly believe there is no reason for anyone who truly wants to find work can find a great opportunity for employment. This holiday season go ahead and buy the ones you care for the things they want the most, knowing that there is a job here in our region for you. One last thing, in future blogs, I will show how searching for jobs in the new year is a great time for contracts and projects. Freelancers and consultants tune in!


Diego Trevino is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions in the Houston – Galveston area. Before joining the regional team, he served as a greeter, employment counselor and staffing specialist. Earlier in his career he traveled to South Korea where he taught students English. He uses past teaching experiences and present workforce knowledge to conduct job skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast Region.


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