Don’t Do It!

FriedaJob search can be one of the best experiences you will ever go through. But it can also be one of the worst experiences when lack of focus and perseverance is lost! Most job search professionals spend a great deal of time explaining “what to do and how to do it” in the most logical way. What would it look like if this blog offered you the exact opposite? Let’s try it and see what happens? This is a (partial and motivational) list of what “not to do” during job search.

Don’t expect the bluebird of happiness to take on your job search responsibility without at least a little help from you! Help him out by putting forth daily efforts to obtain your goals and then watch positive outcomes soar! Daily goal-setting is key to moving forward in obtaining the position you seek.

Don’t procrastinate! Don’t wait till the last minute to take action in job search. The time to prepare is now! Resumes need to be rewritten; cover letters re-vamped and thank you notes revisited! Understand that the routine of updating your marketing materials can and will be on-going.

Don’t avoid conducting research on each and every company you apply for. Company web pages are the best resource when obtaining product knowledge, job descriptions, mission statements, core values, locations, culture, salaries, benefits and so much more. You will learn though our Interviewing seminars; the interview is not the place to begin your initial research. Research helps you find answers that are readily available online, before the interview begins!

Don’t limit your own success by resenting the accomplishments of others. You’re better than that! You don’t know how hard he/she has been looking nor how long. You made need assistance from Workforce Solutions to get to your next level. A little touch-up in Job Search Training will help increase your current skills, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve looked for work. Don’t ignore advice from professionals trained to offer expert assistance!

Don’t forget to actually look for work. I know it sounds absurd but believe it or not there are and will always be some jobseekers out there who assume that they really don’t have to look for work. Please don’t be one of them? Tell me you are not waiting on the shore for your ship to come in? I’ve got news for you – It already did! You missed it by waiting for a miracle to manifest itself. Don’t do it! While miracles do happen; you’ve got to get out there and actually look for work to get the job! (Emailing resumes without follow-up may lead to lost opportunities for actual interviews).

Don’t hesitate to review the (5-day series) blog, Interviewing Bootcamp, should you find that you need to fast track your research while attending job search training.

And finally don’t forget to like, comment or both down below – Just to keep the lines of communication open? Whatever you choose to do, don’t give up! Wishing you, good luck and successful hunting throughout your search!


Frieda Carmouche is a member of the Regional Navigator team specializing in training, educating and assisting employers, and career center staff throughout the Gulf Coast with community resources, outreach events and technical support in assisting job seekers with disabilities. A native Houstonian with a love of training and development, Frieda has been employed by Workforce Solutions for over 16 years.

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