Are You Really LinkedIn?

FriedaAre you really LinkedIn when it comes to requesting or giving professional rec-ommendations to your connections? Your digital footprint will forever be judged by any information documented in your profile, so please allow me to share a few suggestions that have proven extremely successful for me. Know that pro-fessionalism is a must when it comes to recommendations within the popular business networking website, LinkedIn.

If you have worked with someone, taken directions from or completed major projects together; this may be the perfect person to provide support on your knowledge, skills and abilities. Add credibility by including unique projects you are most proud of as seen through the eyes of a current (or former) manager, supervisor or colleague who all tend to know you best!

Asking for Recommendations
Typically Linkedin provides a simplistic InMail system specifically designed for requesting and submitting recommendations. If you are not okay with waiting to receive a response to your recommendation request, try asking for your recommendation in person or by phone first and then follow up with Linkedin’s InMail process. Your voice adds a personal touch to the request that will remind your connection to look for your formal, written request once signed in online. You’re asking for a “gift” so don’t forget to ask your connection if he or she feels comfortable submitting a recommendation on your behalf. It is possible they may not! If the answer is any form of “no,” accept it, thank your connection and move on. Remain professional at all costs as you prepare for your next request.

Variety adds interest
Connections aren’t mind-readers. In the past, I offered vague instructions for rec-ommendations: “Keep it short, no more than three to four lines. Highlight whatever you like; it will be fine!”

In return, I received exactly what I requested. Recommendations that were non-specific, lackluster and generic! Be specific by asking your recommendation to include exact skills you want to be highlighted. Don’t leave the total responsibility in the hands of your connection. Help them help you!

Even the experts sometimes disagree on length and exact content of recommendations. However, my suggestions may work for you too. Hold back on placing limitations on length. If someone feels inspired and wants to literally “tell” your story (a lengthy one), let them! If someone chooses simplicity with only three to four sentences, perfect! Or if only one line is written and that one line gives your entire profile life as a job seeker, accept your gift and express gratitude!

Your responsibility is to make sure you give each recommendation a specific purpose so that you don’t receive the same type of recommendation(s) continuously. Offer a “buffet” (or variety) for those visiting your profile! That way employers, recruiters, and curious onlookers can pick and choose what to read. Once again, repetitive and “safe” recommendations that speak solely to your workplace “personality” may be viewed as generic by potential employers. Include specifics when giving and receiving any recommendation.

Please join me again next week for “Are You Really LinkedIn? Continued…” as we continue to explore additional suggestions for improving your ability to give and receive online recommendations through LinkedIn!

Frieda Carmouche is a member of the Regional Facilitator team specializing in training, educating and assisting students, job seekers, employers and career center staff throughout the Gulf Coast region, regardless of abilities. She obtained her BFA in Graphic Communications and minored in Psychology from The University of Houston. Frieda, a native Houstonian with a love of training and development, and has been employed by Workforce Solutions for over 10 years.

3 Responses to “Are You Really LinkedIn?”

  1. 1 Yvonne Rose July 22, 2018 at 11:31 am

    Frieda, this was Marvelous, simply Marvelous–just like you!!!

  2. 2 Frieda July 20, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Hello Kris and Thanks for stopping by! What I meant was asking for a recommendation is like asking to receive a gift! So in return we have to become humble and gracious once we decide to ask for a recommendation because it should be considered an “honor” not an “entitlement” to receive a LinkedIn recommendation!

  3. 3 Kris July 10, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Great article Frieda! I didn’t realize you could ask for a recommendation as a gift.

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