Lessons from a Father’s Child

Cornelius BookerThe job search market is very competitive, especially in today’s market. Once I get a job, I work diligently to make sure that my priority is keeping that job so that I don’t have to tackle the job market again before I am ready. When I think about how I am able to maintain my employment, I always turn to the lessons that my father taught me in life before I had obtained my first job. Those lessons have carried on throughout my life and hopefully can help you as well.

Lesson 1: If you don’t value other people’s time, don’t expect them to value yours.
My father was a stickler for time. He wanted to be early for everything and wanted us to have the same values regarding time. It may have been his military background, but he put everything on a schedule. If you wanted to sit and talk with him about love, life or food he was always fully engaged; but you had a limited time to speak with him. He taught me that time is valuable, and he valued our time but wanted us to value his time as well.

Lesson 2: Be purposeful with your words.
My father always wanted our conversations to be purposeful, so we learned several lessons during our interactions. We had to make sure not to waste words and to think about what we wanted to say before we spoke. He wanted to make sure that when we spoke, we understood that our words mattered. That helps me today when I am speaking with others about careers and has also helped me during the interview process.

Lesson 3: Always leave a positive impression.
Leaving a positive impression is very important, especially during the interview process. With any employer that I have worked with, I made sure to leave a positive impression just in case I needed them for a reference or needed to return back to that company at a later date. I also make sure I leave a positive impression with people that I meet today because you never know where your next opportunity may come from.

The lessons I learned from my father have been a great guide to ensure that I am successful in my career, as well as life in general. We all can take some of the lessons we learned while growing up and apply them to being the best we can be in our careers and in life. Whether the lessons are from a father or a mother, take all those lessons to make you the best you can be.

Cornelius Booker is a senior member of the Regional Navigator team and a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he received his Bachelors in Marketing and later received his M.B.A with a focus on Business Marketing and Management. With his personal experience and passion for the disabled community, Cornelius’ insights are an invaluable asset to the Workforce Solutions organization.

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