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Amanda SimonianAll too often we spend the majority of our time searching the internet for new job postings across a number of different websites, only to find that we don’t meet some of the qualifications, or the position’s title doesn’t mean what we thought it did. This starts to waste a lot of valuable time, and can eventually cause us to completely burn out on our job search efforts. is a fantastic tool that gives you continuous job matches based on your profile, saving you countless hours of blindly searching the internet. Hours that you can use to focus on other job search activities such as networking, training, interview preparation, etc.

Here are some tips to make work for you!

1. Invest Time in Your Profile
Your profile is how recruiters find you. There are 24 local Workforce Solutions career offices in the Houston-Galveston region of Texas in addition to the Employer Service Division, which consists of recruiters that are consistently searching for qualified candidates. Currently there are thousands of employers with more than 9,000 active job postings in By spending time to complete your profile, you increase the likelihood of a recruiter contacting you.

2. Understand and Set Your Job Matching Parameters
Oil and Gas InitiativeOne of the chief complaints we hear about job matches is that they don’t match the job candidate’s skills and experience. What it comes down to is making sure the technology knows who you are, and that is completely up to you. As with most things in this age of information, the results you get can only be as good as the information you have provided. If you’re having trouble getting your job matches to fit, feel free to reach out to any local Workforce Solutions career office to assist you setting up the parameters.

3. Log In Daily
Hundreds of new job postings are added to each and every day. Log in daily to browse jobs, including Texas state agency jobs. You can even refer yourself for positions you are interested in! Logging in every day will also allow you to ensure your profile is set to ACTIVE, which is how recruiters will find you.

Amanda Simonian is a member of the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative team for Workforce Solutions. She specializes in providing relevant content and updates to the Gulf Coast community, career staff offices,a nd employers. She brings with her years of writing experience focusing on issues that impact the community and helping job candidates improve their job search techniques.  Follow the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative on Facebook!

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