Go Ahead and Mock it up! A Most Valuable Move.

Kristin ColeA Most Valuable Move
Say What? How will a mock interview help me get a job? Actually, mock interviews are one of the best ways to get ready for your interview! Mock interviews are “practice” interviews with professionals who can coach you to do your best. Jobs are often won or lost in the interview and there are no second chances!

Not only will mock interviews provide you with honest feedback, but they will also help you find out why you are missing out on the job of your dreams.

Kathy, a student at our last mock interview workshop took advantage of the opportunity.

She was:

  • Early to the interview
  • Professionally dressed
  • Carried a black binder
  • Brought multiple resumes
  • Brought several targeted job descriptions

Workforce Solutions offered:

  • Professional interviewers
  • List of interview questions
  • Video camera or cell phone

Kathy had amazing work experience, but her interview skills needed improvement. As professionals, we guided her to develop answers that were relevant during an interview. After the workshop, I reached out to her and asked her about her experience and she provided some great answers.

  1. What was the mock interview workshop like for you and how did you prepare for it?

    “I went into the interview extremely nervous knowing I was going to be recorded. However, once the interview began I became a little less nervous. I read over my resume, my job descriptions and concentrated on the skills I have mastered.”

  1. In what ways was the mock interview helpful for you?
  2. “I received constructive criticism and compliments on my work accomplishments. When asked about my professional career, I started at the beginning; however, I learned I should always start with the most recent employment. I also learned to include major accomplishments from each position.”

  1. Were there any questions you felt you were not prepared for?
  2. “It had to be the question about my procurement experience. I have touched on the procurement process, however, I recently completed a certificate in Materials Management and Supply chain management. I asked the interviewer if she would please restate the question, as I was rambling on and lost my train of thought. I learned it was okay to ask the interviewer to repeat a question.”

  1. Overall, what type of feedback did you receive and how did it help you to grow?
  2. “I believe the best feedback I received was to include my accomplishments. I am very modest and I feel uncomfortable talking about myself. However, I learned that in order to land the job, I must share these accomplishments to show that I work hard and have integrity.”

  3. How will you use what you learned in your next interview?
  4. “The feedback has helped me change my way of thinking and presenting myself to future employers. I will give examples of a challenging situations, explain how I overcame them and include the accomplishments I gained because of my actions.

Overall, I feel the mock interview was a worthwhile experience because I learned how to effectively present myself both in both person and on paper. Everyone should have the opportunity to go through the mock interview process. As a result, my chances of becoming employed through an interview are much higher because of the feedback I received. I am a much stronger candidate!”

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Kristin Cole is a member of the Regional Facilitator team and specializes in training the workforce in finding a job, keeping a job, and getting a better job. She has a passion for helping people successfully get from one stage in their life to another. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Sam Houston State University. She has 12 years’ experience as a trainer, teaching Special Education, Job Seekers and Foster Parents. After leaving her career in teaching, she utilized the Workforce Services to get a better job and became an Employment Counselor for 2 ½ years and was promoted to Facilitator and continued her passion as a trainer! She has 6 years of employment with Workforce Solutions.

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