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FriedaGroundhog Day is recognized each year on February 2. It was originally adopted in the United States in 1887 by the editor of Philadelphia’s Punxsutawney Sprit, Clymer H. Freas. He decided to promote a groundhog as the town’s official meteorologist because as the story goes, when a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his den on a cloudy day and does not see his shadow, spring will come early! However, if it’s sunny outside and he does see his shadow, he retreats back into his den because the bitter cold of winter will persist for yet another six weeks.

The groundhog might “throw shade” in the face of seasoned meteorologists and modern day technology – but you got to love little Punxsutawney! He works only one day a year, has held the same job for more than 120 years and apparently never grows old! Ever wonder how he got this job to begin with? Well, I have a theory. I bet a career center similar to Workforce Solutions had something to do with getting him up and moving towards creating a successful job search plan! Join me as I shadow his techniques and figure out how he landed “the gig” of a lifetime…


Punxsutawney PhilHe must have participated in several seminars through Workforce Solutions to make him the best candidate for the position of “Groundhog Day Meteorologist.” I can definitely see signs of a strong skills-based resume, which led him straight to his first interview! The resume seminars routinely cover the basic foundation tools including: applications, cover letters, references and thank you notes! If you are currently seeking employment and haven’t taken advantage of these seminars, prepare to be impressed when you do!


Punxsutawney arrived early for The Interviewing seminar, asked lots of questions and took detailed notes. Armed with an outstanding marketing tool kit and a willingness to succeed, he must have felt confident in his ability to identify his job specific skills and did so professionally and with ease.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during Punxsutawney’s interview, as he obviously blew the competition away. He knew that if he couldn’t describe his skills, the employer, (The City of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania) would assume he didn’t have any!


Punxsutawney knew that the offer from the City was only the beginning of his plan once he accepted the job. From the Interviewing seminar, he learned that he needed to possess superior skills in meteorology and maintain day-to-day “good worker traits (outstanding personal work ethics).”Inspired by the phrase, “Workforce Solutions helps you find a job, keep a job or get a better job,” he felt motivated!

Weather (pun fully intended) or not you believe my theory; make Workforce Solutions a partner in your job search. Nearly everything worth having comes at a great cost, except for our services, which are FREE! Just ask Punxsutawney!

Disclaimer: Written primarily to provide valuable resources and increase entertainment value. Everyone knows groundhogs don’t interview that well.

Frieda Carmouche is a member of the Regional Facilitator team specializing in training, educating and assisting students, job seekers, employers and career center staff throughout the Gulf Coast region, regardless of abilities. She obtained her BFA in Graphic Communications and minored in Psychology from The University of Houston. Frieda, a native Houstonian with a love of training and development, and has been employed by Workforce Solutions for over 10 years.

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