Simple (Healthy) Summer Eating

We’re taking a quick “mental break” this week and looking at how we can keep healthy this summer season.

If we nourish our bodies with wholesome, healthy foods, we’ll be better prepared to take on challenges, in all aspects of our lives – at work, in our job search, at school and in our personal lives.

And you can start right away with these super-easy eating tips.

1. Chill oranges and grapefruits. Like spicy? Try with a dash of cayenne. Job searching can be stressful and the foods you choose, such as citrus fruits, can help reduce stress.

2. Travel well. A divided container lets you travel light with a variety of foods, such as apples with mint and pistachios. Packing fruits and nuts will curb your appetite when out-and-about and may prevent fast-food pit stops.
travel well

3. Create platters of “goodness.” Watermelon + cheese + pistachios + olives + pita chips = yum! Feeling hungry, but don’t want to stop working? Put some delicious nutritious foods on a big plate. No cooking required and the combinations are endless!
watermelon 2

4. Be your own creamery. Mix ingredients with your preferred vanilla ice cream brand. A few of my one-ingredient flavors include coffee, peanut butter, and blueberry. Treat yourself with your own creations.

May these ideas inspire you to create simple meals with your favorite healthy foods. Investing in healthy habits now will help us in the future. It will help to keep our mind sharp and allow us to perform to the best of our abilities at work, in school and all the time!

Be Well.

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Josie Toth is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions in the Houston – Galveston area. She conducts job search skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast region. After serving in the military, Josie utilized Workforce Solutions’ services. Her desire to help people led to an employment counselor position with Workforce Solutions, which she held for four years, until she found her niche as a Regional Facilitator.

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