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Simple (Healthy) Summer Eating

We’re taking a quick “mental break” this week and looking at how we can keep healthy this summer season.

If we nourish our bodies with wholesome, healthy foods, we’ll be better prepared to take on challenges, in all aspects of our lives – at work, in our job search, at school and in our personal lives.

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America is Looking for Work

DiegoIf all nations/countries were applying, or competing, for a job, the United States would be the best candidate. Continue reading ‘America is Looking for Work’

What’s a Father Worth?

JoAnn KawamotoRecently I stumbled upon a documentary (How to Make a Man) that made me look at my father in a new light. It was an introduction to a mentoring project, which addressed today’s need for male mentors. Featured were famous celebrities, sports figures, entertainers and ordinary men, as well as prisoners who did or did not have father figures in their lives.
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Choosing to be an “Employer of Choice”

Photo 57 (2)Employers — Does your present human capital reflect the current available workforce; one of diversity, inclusion and tolerance? Continue reading ‘Choosing to be an “Employer of Choice”’