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Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 4

Photo 57 (2)Any Questions?
If you’ve done your research and know how to (verbally) describe your KSA’s, you’re on your way to acing an interview!

Your ability to do so will determine offers. The purpose of the interview is to determine fit and get the job offer. Impressions are made within the first few seconds. During interviews employers expect nervousness. They won’t accept lack of preparation! Continue reading ‘Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 4’

Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 3

Photo 57 (2)Marketing
Applications, cover letters, resumes, references and thank you notes are all reflections of your current skills and how well you follow directions. Each piece of your marketing toolkit serves a distinctive purpose. Marketing materials either lead you to, or take you away from, the interview table! Continue reading ‘Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 3’

Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2

Photo 57 (2)Research
Skills Identification paints the world of interviewing in either a positive or negative light. Before an interview, your marketing tools (cover letters, resumes etc.) should show a firm knowledge of your job specific skills. This includes industry phrases, specific tools or technology used and key words of each position you document on your resume. Continue reading ‘Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2’

Interviewing Boot Camp

Photo 57 (2)Day 1 – Introduction
The interviewing process, for most people, is perceived as one of the most dreaded but necessary steps to employment. Therefore, permit me to extend an open invitation to you. Join me in discussing some of the basics of Interviewing Techniques Boot Camp style! Continue reading ‘Interviewing Boot Camp’

Earth Day 2015

All around the world, Earth Day is observed on April 22. To learn about the history of Earth Day, you can go to Earth Day Network, hover on ABOUT US, and click on “Earth Day History”.

In the Houston area, many organizations plan to celebrate this occasion, and you’re invited to participate! Continue reading ‘Earth Day 2015’

April 15th – Tax Day!

DavidAs I wrap up my federal income tax preparation and plan my visit to the post office at 11:55 a.m. on April 15, I stop to think for a moment: Continue reading ‘April 15th – Tax Day!’

Keeping Your Job is A Job

””A company’s decision to hire you is an indication that, in their eyes, you have the ability to become a productive and valued member of their team1. As a new employee, your goal should be to perform at peak levels and demonstrate that the company made a good hiring decision; but that’s not all there is to it. Continue reading ‘Keeping Your Job is A Job’