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Peeps and Cadbury Eggs

DiegoThe Easter season seems to be a time when grocery stores are overcrowded with folks that have procrastinated.

The Gulf Coast labor industry is similar in the sense that many people procrastinate in looking for good jobs. They wait for life-altering events like being laid off or an economic downturn to update their resumes and start networking. Continue reading ‘Peeps and Cadbury Eggs’

Social Networking 101

The Workforce Solutions blog this week has focused on the importance of networking. On Monday, David explained that networking is still alive and well in this digital age. Then Cornelius shared tips on accessing the “hidden” job market, building lasting relationships and overcoming the challenges of networking for people who aren’t naturally social.
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Overcoming Networking Challenges

CorneliusSo far in this series we have discussed that networking is alive and well in this digital age, how networking helps to access the “hidden” job market, and how important it is to develop lasting relationships. Today we will focus on how people who aren’t naturally social can overcome some of the challenges they face when networking.

Networking is usually easy for people who are outgoing and extroverted, but not everyone has those qualities. There are many people who are introverts and don’t like meeting new people. So, how does someone without those particular qualities find success in Networking? The answer is simple, it takes practice. As with anything you aren’t good at, with a little practice you can be successful. Networking is no different. Continue reading ‘Overcoming Networking Challenges’

Building Lasting Relationships

CorneliusIn this blog series we have reinforced that networking is alive and well in the digital age and that having a strong network will help you access the “hidden job market.”

Today we focus on one of the most important parts of networking, which is building a LASTING professional relationship with people who may be of assistance now or in the future. Let’s start with a few tips on how you can keep up with the contacts you create and build upon your current network. Continue reading ‘Building Lasting Relationships’

Accessing the Hidden Job Market

CorneliusYesterday David’s blog reinforced that networking is alive and well in today’s digital world. He noted that 60% – 80% of jobs aren’t advertised. This is referred to as the hidden job market; jobs that are filled by networking. Sometimes it isn’t about who you know, but “who knows who.” Continue reading ‘Accessing the Hidden Job Market’

Job Search Networking

DavidAccording to Aristotle’s contribution to the Law of Non-Contradiction, “the most certain of all basic principles is that contradictory propositions are not true simultaneously.” 1

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, I’ll tell you! There is one contradiction to the law of non-contradiction. The phrase “that’s the way it’s always been done” is both true and false at the same time.
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DavidWe all become a little anxious when an employer schedules us for an interview. A little bit of anxiety can be good, but it can also be uncomfortable.

Let’s switch roles for a moment. You are employed, your Office Manager informs you that the HR Representative will be out for a period of time and he/she would like YOU to conduct an interview this week! I feel anxious just writing about it. But relax. I have a few suggestions that will help you conduct an effective interview without having to frantically search Google for help.
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