What are Seasonal Jobs?

JoAnn KawamotoIt’s that time of year again! That mad rush of retailers to hire extra employees in anticipation of the best time of the year for product sales… But wait, there’s more to seasonal jobs than just ringing up a “Merry Christmas!”

What are Seasonal Jobs?
Seasonal jobs are generally re-occurring temporary positions offered specific times throughout the year. The length of employment is usually known and can range from a couple of days to a couple of months. While these jobs may not last throughout the year, the good news is that they are not restricted to just one season.
These opportunities become available anytime a spike for services or goods occur or are expected to occur at a particular time of the year. They can be full or part-time jobs, single or split-shifts, and they can be located anywhere an employer needs the extra help.

When do these seasonal jobs happen?
The Christmas season brings with it jobs in retail stores and on the Internet. Related holiday supply and delivery positions at the Post Office and private delivery services run rampant in their pursuit to satisfy the customers’ expectations in a timely manner. Positions from sales clerks to administrative assistance, accounting and logistics open up quite often. There are also the leisure holiday celebrations and banquets that need to be staffed.

During the summer, recreational positions at camps, theme parks, lakes and hotels in the leisure and entertainment industries become available. I did this type of work at parks and at the YMCA while in college. In the spring and fall, agricultural work related to sewing and reaping come into play.

Here in the city of Houston, we have professional sports teams like the Texans, Rockets, Dynamo, Dash and Astros. The city even hosts special events from the PGA, NASCAR and the Houston Rodeo. It’s not unusual for extra event staff and crews to be needed to make these events successful. Another opportunity for work!

Even the dreaded tax season generates seasonal positions, for those qualified, to assist in managing the numerous customers rushing to beat the April 15 income-tax-return deadline.
Seasonal jobs can be a great way to add to your income while keeping a full-time career too.

If you are currently looking for work, a seasonal job illustrates industriousness and ambition and could possibly even lengthen unemployment benefits until a suitable position opens up. Students especially enjoy jobs that complement their class schedules while minimizing a long term commitment.

What should you consider when looking at such opportunities?
Careful consideration is necessary before making a decision about seasonal work. Seasonal jobs can often range from 9 to 15 hours of work daily. In other words, along with an income increase, there could be a decrease in the amount of time you have for yourself or with family. Balance and coordinate the needs of your current job and/or family responsibilities in order to make a wise decision and be successful overall.

Consideration also must be given to location, commute, transportation and budget. With Houston being so big and the freeways being so busy, the “big picture” needs to be fully evaluated before you jump into seasonal opportunities.

So as you are in the process of ringing up a Merry Christmas, don’t forget about all of the other “season”al opportunities offered throughout the year. Happy Holidays! 🙂

JoAnn Kawamoto is a Workforce Solutions Regional Facilitator for the Houston – Galveston area, conducting job skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast region. She applies her B.Ed. and over 15 years of Workforce Development, Allied Healthcare, and Contract Management to connect potential employees with employers.

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