Plan and Balance: The Key to a Great Thanksgiving

CorneliusLast Thanksgiving I went to my Mom’s house and ate dinner. As mothers often do, she made sure that I eat enough to be more than full. After that, out of consideration for other family members, I travelled to my sister’s home and started Thanksgiving #2. Finally, I went to my friend’s house and ended the day eating and drinking even more while enjoying everyone’s company.

It was a great day, but by the next morning I was feeling sick from all that eating and drinking. I swore to never do that again, but at the same time, I vaguely remembered saying something similar the previous year.

The difference between this year and the last few years is that I have a plan of execution.

My plan of execution is relevant to many things, including how I approach Thanksgiving dinner. It’s also relevant to “life” topics in general. When it comes to life, if you don’t have a plan, you’re bound to make mistakes that you regret. Part of having an effective plan is to make sure that things are in balance; that we don’t overdo it. When things are off balance, problems generally follow.

Let me take you step-by-step through developing a plan that leads to success:
• First, make sure that you know what steps you are going to take during your journey
• Write down what you are going to do
• Assign time increments to each step
• Balance time appropriately in all affairs so that we don’t overdo it in any sense

How does this translate to my Thanksgiving Day?

I still plan to visit my mom, my sister and my friends. This year I’m using a “scheduler” on my phone that alerts me when it’s time to go so I avoid staying too long and overeating. When visiting each of my loved ones, I plan to stay within my dietary limits and eat small portions. Thinking strategically about balance, I know my mom makes great chicken and macaroni and cheese, while my sister is an expert in desserts. Knowing this allows me to choose what and how much I eat at each location. My plan of execution allows me to share in everyone’s company, enjoy delicious foods and show my appreciation without over-indulging.

I hope these words will help you to enjoy your holiday. Remember to always make a plan and ensure that you have balance. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cornelius Booker is a senior member of the Regional Navigator team and a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he received his Bachelors in Marketing and later received his M.B.A with a focus on Business Marketing and Management. With his personal experience and passion for the disabled community, Cornelius’ insights are an invaluable asset to the Workforce Solutions organization.

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  1. 1 Marie December 2, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Unfortunately I blew my own plan Cornelius. But I love yours. Nicely played…

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