Scary Good Job Searching Tips

It’s that time of year again when “strangely” dressed youngsters knock on doors in hopes of getting candy or “treasure.” Whether you agree with the Halloween tradition or not, there are lessons that can be learned from trick-or-treaters.

Lesson 1: Create a Plan of Attack
Savvy trick-or-treaters, who want to maximize their bounty, will plan which neighborhoods / houses to visit in the short time that they have. Similarly, savvy job seekers should draw up a daily schedule with time allotments that maximize job search efforts.

Lesson 2: Dress the Part
If a trick-or-treater came to your door wearing everyday clothes, they might not get what they hope for. As a job seeker, the same is true for your everyday clothes. You should be dressed for the role you hope to land!

Lesson 3: Meet New People
While you might not literally go knock on the doors of strangers, it is a good idea to get to know your neighbors and make connections throughout your community in order to grow your network.

Lesson 4: Ask for What You Want
When a trick-or-treater knocks, they know what they want and what they need to say in order to get it. As a job seeker, you should know what job you are looking for and why someone should give it to you. Having a well written 30-second commercial and connection cards are helpful in this situation. Not sure what these are? Come visit us at your community-based Workforce Solutions Career Office, and we’ll show you!

Lesson 5: Share Information
The key to getting the best candy is sharing information with fellow trick-or-treaters, who in turn share with you which houses are giving out jackpot-sized “treasure” (full-size name-brand candy bars 🙂 ).
Job seekers that share knowledge of good networking groups, workshops and job fairs are much more likely to find themselves on the receiving end of great tips as well.

Lesson 6: Say Thank You!
No matter how big or small, whether you like it or not, it is important to say thank you when someone gives you something – even if it is just unwanted advice.

Hopefully this blog has been a “treat” that opened your mind to the idea that valuable lessons can be learned from everyday experiences all around us. Happy Job Hunting!

Bobi Cook is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions in the Houston – Galveston area. She currently conducts job skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast region utilizing her MBA and over ten cumulative years experience as a professional educator, quality systems manager within the automotive industry, and small business administrator to help job seekers develop and implement successful job search campaigns.

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Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 13-county Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region. Workforce Solutions helps employers solve workforce-related business problems and area residents build careers, so that both can better compete in the changing worldwide economy. Our Employer Service Division provides personalized service to help employers find qualified applicants for their jobs, build the skills and expertise of their new and current employees, and address human resource needs. We operate multiple community-based career offices in 13 Texas Gulf Coast counties to help residents get a job, keep a job or get a better job – offering placement, career counseling and financial aid services. We partner with the region’s businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations and community leaders to find solutions to current and future labor needs of industries that are vital to the region and its economy.

3 thoughts on “Scary Good Job Searching Tips”

  1. Bobi, loved the comparisons you created here! Definitely all about networking and planning.Trick or Treating comparisons to job search? Brilliant!

  2. This is a great Blog! I had trick or treaters come to my house and if they didn’t say the words “Trick or Treat” I would close the door. my approach may have been a little “off kilter”, but I, like any employer may, require that certain standards be met before I provide you with your desire. If you want the job, you have to say or look the part. I am also kind of iffy about costumes too. The costume you where determines the amount of candy you get. Superheroes and Angels always get more candy then ghost and devils, but that’s just me.

  3. Quite a few job seekers, including myself until recently, don’t realize how effective networking really is (re: “meeting new people” and “sharing information”). Great analogy between Halloween and job searching!

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