Turning a Temporary Assignment into a Permanent Job

JoAnn Kawamoto“It takes a job to get a job.” This is an old adage with truth behind it.

Joyce Russell, President of Adecco Staffing US, has said that now is a great time to take on a temporary position, and many hiring agencies are in agreement.

They are seeing temporary jobs turn into permanent ones at a higher rate than they’ve seen in years. With the economy changing and growing, many good companies are saving time and money using temporary hire positions as extended job interviews.

To help demonstrate that you have what it takes to cross over, here are four winning suggestions:
1. Are you reliable?
Do you report to work on time, can you work in a team, and do you deliver quality work? Can you take correction professionally and treat this job as if it were a full-time, permanent position even if it is part-time or temporary?

2. Can you go the extra mile by coming in early and offering to stay late, evidencing other actions of commitment, enthusiasm and flexibility?
In other words, win them over with commitment and hard work.

3. Are you interested:
a. In the company and its mission? Go ahead and learn about its history. Take the time to adapt to its corporate culture.
b. In the people? Your temporary supervisor and co-workers, the infrastructure, their processes, co-workers and even your recruiter. Great communication could give insight and useful leads for current and future use.
c. In how your assignment fits in the bigger picture? And if you see areas that could improve, take notes. Be prepared when they ask, “Anyone have suggestions?” Be ready to exceed expectations.

4. As the assignment draws to a close, keep up the press. Perform until end.
Exhibit professionalism and pride in who you are and what you’ve produced. Leave with class and leave them with your contact information.

Remember you are still a professional whether you are permanently employed or not. Keep focused and continue to shine at assignments. Like fishing, the bait matters; “it takes a job to get a job” might not work on the first attempt. You may have to patiently go through several temporary assignments before a permanent offer is made. But be ready, it’s a hot market here in Houston.

JoAnn Kawamoto is a Workforce Solutions Regional Facilitator for the Houston – Galveston area, conducting job skills seminars throughout the 13 county Gulf Coast region. She applies her B.Ed. and over 15 years of Workforce Development, Allied Healthcare, and Contract Management to connect potential employees with employers.

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Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 13-county Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region. Workforce Solutions helps employers solve workforce-related business problems and area residents build careers, so that both can better compete in the changing worldwide economy. Our Employer Service Division provides personalized service to help employers find qualified applicants for their jobs, build the skills and expertise of their new and current employees, and address human resource needs. We operate multiple community-based career offices in 13 Texas Gulf Coast counties to help residents get a job, keep a job or get a better job – offering placement, career counseling and financial aid services. We partner with the region’s businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations and community leaders to find solutions to current and future labor needs of industries that are vital to the region and its economy.

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  1. I think many people tend to forget the importance of (high) performance until the end of a temporary or part time job. Some really good tips were brought up here! Thank you!

  2. Turning a temp job into a full time job is usually the way many people get jobs that they cherish the most. Sometimes having a great story about how you get a job is one of the reasons people stay at certain jobs. My first corporate job started out as a temp job doing something that wasn’t great but it was a check, and I later transitioned to a wonderful job that payed really well. Great Blog!

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