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Close The Gap


One of the most challenging and important parts of the job hunting process is creating a resume and cover letter that get noticed. This is one issue that seems to baffle many job seekers, especially those with gaps in employment. How does one address periods of unemployment?
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Pitch Perfect

CorneliusTips for Marketing Yourself

Many people aren’t natural sales professionals, and for that reason, they often say they aren’t interested in sales jobs. Most think of sales as a job where you sell products to individuals, groups or organizations.
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Computer Short-Cuts

DavidI remember working with a coworker some time ago, and I was absolutely amazed at how he could operate the PC without using his mouse! He was able to quickly and seamlessly operate the PC when entering information and moving about the screen. I, admittedly, was not as quick or efficient, having to stop occasionally to operate the mouse.
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From Lousy Leaders to Lemonade

cherylDisclaimer – I am not writing this out of personal need. My boss is terrific! However, on multiple occasions I have encountered people who have or have had “lemon” bosses. They did not have the luxury of taking the easy way out and quitting, but they were looking for advice. Since Workforce Solutions is about helping people “find a job, keep a job, or get a better job”, today’s blog is dedicated to those who need to keep that job, but must deal with some rotten fruit.
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