Mighty “Mouse”

DavidToday I will reveal the underutilized powers of the mouse; the seemingly ordinary object sitting on your desk. Once these powers have been unveiled and shared, you will be the life of the office!

Generally, a mouse is used in conjunction with the PC. Have you ever wondered what you can do with the mouse other than simply point and click? The following are some helpful “clicking” hints you can use to increase your productivity:

• Shift+Click
When you have a range or list of items that you need to select, and they are next to each other; simply click the first item in the list. Then scroll down using the wheel on your mouse (or the down cursor key) and Shift+Click the last item on the list. You will see all the items in that range have been selected.

• CTRL+Click
But what if you only need to select certain items within a list? Easy, simply click on the first item, then CTRL+Click each additional item you would like to select (that’s holding the CTRL key and then clicking with your mouse to select).

• Double Click
Often we want to select one word within a document. An easy way to do this is to hover your mouse over the word and double click. The whole word will then be selected.

• Triple-Click
Want to select a paragraph? Simply hover your mouse in the paragraph and triple click. The whole paragraph will then be selected. This also works for all words in a ‘box’ or ‘cell’.

Ever wondered how you can look cool in front of your friends? Here are some Windows secrets:

• Shake it up
To minimize all non-active windows, click on the top of the window that is active (the window you are using). Keep the mouse button pressed down, and shake your mouse a few times. You can also accomplish this by holding the Windows key and pressing the home key (Windows+Home), but it’s not as fun!

• Shake it up . . . again
This action will bring back those windows to your desktop.

Using these mighty mouse tips will help improve your computer skills. All of the above tips and tricks can be used in the Work in Texas job search website, so have a little fun and be productive at the same time.

For more tips, simply search for “mouse tips” or a similar phrase in your favorite web search engine.

David Spears is a member of the Workforce Solutions Navigator team for the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Combining training and education to real world examples, David brings personal and professional experience with disabilities to the table in order to help job seekers with disabilities realize their potential. David has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with over 20 years of experience in the business world.

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