Summer Jobs for Youth

CorneliusSummer doesn’t officially begin until the 21st of June, however if you are a student, your summer has already begun. Many of your friends have jobs or are enrolled in summer programs, and you are already bored! If this sounds familiar, don’t be discouraged. Here are are some tips to help you make the most of your summer job hunt.

Get the Word Out
Be sure that friends, family, neighbors and other people in the community are aware that you are looking for a job. One good way to do this is through in-person networking. Another is to use your social media accounts to share your desire for gaining summer employment. Let it be known that you are looking!

Target the Right Employers
When you are considering summer employment opportunities, think about businesses that are seasonal and/or experience a greater demand during summer months. Examples include summer camps, daycares, pools, amusement parks, museums and movie theaters. Many retailers and food establishments also see increased demand during the summer.

Pound the Pavement
While looking for employment online and filling out online applications is a good strategy, it should not be your only strategy. Getting out in the community, walking in to local businesses and introducing yourself are important too. Make sure that as you make the rounds you are dressed for an interview and have a well rehearsed introduction that highlights your strengths, experiences and how you could benefit the company.

We go to work each day so that we can take home a paycheck, but honing and improving our skills so that future jobs bring even more pay is an important strategy. Taking the time to volunteer somewhere could help you explore different career options, develop skills, and make contacts. Volunteer experience can often lead to paid work opportunities.

Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur
If you can’t find an employer to hire you, or just can’t find a good match for your skills and interests, consider starting your own summer business. Childcare, lawn care, pet care, car detailing, computer repairs, social media assistance, virtual office assistants and various culinary endeavors are a few options – And you would be your own boss. Find something that you are good at and share it with your community!

My first summer job was giving tours for a museum. Although my ultimate career goal wasn’t to be a Museum Tour Guide, I did have the chance to improve my customer service skills that summer. It allowed me to work on my public speaking abilities and provided opportunity to speak with diverse groups of people on various topics and answer questions without getting nervous. Ultimately, I recognized my talents and occupational skills which would guide me toward my desired career goal. These are the types of tools that you can gain when working a summer job.

Youth that engage in summer work opportunities are often more successful in their careers than those that do not participate in these programs. Summer is just getting started. Why not use the tips above to get out there and sharpen your skills while filling your wallet? Good luck!

Cornelius Booker is a senior member of the Regional Navigator team and a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he received his Bachelors in Marketing and later received his M.B.A with a focus on Business Marketing and Management. With his personal experience and passion for the disabled community, Cornelius’ insights are an invaluable asset to the Workforce Solutions organization.

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