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With the economy in constant up and down mode, and speculations about looming layoffs due to the healthcare act, you may be in turmoil about the status of your employment. If that’s the case, your fears aren’t misplaced. However, it’s important that you don’t panic or jump ship prematurely. Instead, follow these three tips on how to recession-proof your job and ensure your livelihood during these uncertain times.

Keep a positive attitude
This is extremely important because, as it has been said, “Your attitude will determine your latitude.” The current state of our workforce and the type of work we do makes most of our professional lives quite stressful. It’s crucial that you remain upbeat whenever you’re at the office. Employers often spare solution-minded staff members when culling their workforce, so gaining a reputation as a morale booster is a great way to recession-proof your job. Besides, if you keep whining about your occupation, your managers might get the impression they’d be doing you a favor by letting you go. You should also make an effort to be personable Use your networking skills to forge strong social bonds with the people around you. Keep in mind that personality is just as important as productivity when you’re trying to recession-proof your job. After all, with whom would you rather work– the consummate positive thinker or the guy who turns every mild inconvenience into a problem?

Be visible
It’s important that you distinguish yourself from your co-workers if you want to recession-proof your job. Try to stand out when the opportunity occurs to ensure that your employer sees you as more than just a number. Take an active interest in the issues and make constructive suggestions whenever possible. By the same token, you should never be shy about asking questions or giving praise. Your goal isn’t to present yourself as a blowhard, but rather as a valuable team player.

Take initiative
The most efficient way to recession-proof your job is to become the type of employee your company would need after downsizing its workforce. It’s crucial that you think beyond your individual responsibilities and look at the bigger picture. Staff members who can innovate and think on their feet are a surprisingly rare commodity, so try to find ways your department can reduce expenses, and make sure to volunteer for tasks outside your job description. Demonstrate your value, because the more you do for your company, the more indispensable you become.

These tips will help you recession-proof your job, but you need to consider the possibility that being the best at what you do may not always be enough in these trying times. No occupation is ever truly safe during hard times, which is why you should prepare for any eventuality. As part of your plan B, make sure to pad your savings and contact those in your network most likely to find you a new position should the need arise. It may save your career.

Cornelius Booker is a senior member of the Regional Navigator team and a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he received his Bachelors in Marketing and later received his M.B.A with a focus on Business Marketing and Management. With his personal experience and passion for the disabled community, Cornelius’ insights are an invaluable asset to the Workforce Solutions organization.

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