You’re Hired – April Fool!

JoAnn KawamotoAfter months of job searching, budgeting, building resumes, and interviewing, a choice job offer has finally arrived! The interview was great and the feedback was that you were the best candidate. You accepted the offer and were given a start date to begin in a week. Fantastic!

However a week passes and no further contact has occurred. There have not been any requests for follow up information, required testing, or paperwork. You call your contact and are told to stand down. Then a week later they call back, but it is to inform you that the offer is now withdrawn! Is this some sad and cruel April Fool’s joke?
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Spring Cleaning

Tidying Up Your Online Presence
March 20th marked the first day of spring, one of my favorite seasons. Enjoying sunshine, fresh air, blossoming vegetation, and new births just makes me feel happy. As Mother Nature renews herself, many people follow suit and work on “cleaning up” various aspects of their lives.

Last year I wrote a spring cleaning blog about dusting off your attitude. This year I thought I would focus my spring cleaning tips on ensuring a professional online presence.
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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

cherylSt. Patrick’s Day always reminds me of one of the most hospitable places I have ever visited, Ireland. She captured me at her first greeting; the way she extended her hand, so to speak, in friendship.

I am going to talk about our hand extension, the hand shake, which we use so often in interviews, networking and daily living. I will start with the lighter side of the handshake, what does not impress the folks and then explain how to get it right.
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Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes is a nationwide grassroots campaign that was launched to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses, find meaningful employment. So far this initiative has helped more than 20,000 men and women find employment.
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