Super Bowl: Engaging Your Competitive Spirit

CorneliusThe Super Bowl has many meanings to millions of people who will be watching this year. Some will watch for pure interest, some for the excitement of it all, while others will watch just for the commercials. For whatever reason, we have to recognize what the Super Bowl actually represents. Continue reading “Super Bowl: Engaging Your Competitive Spirit”

I Have a Dream

Job Searching Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
January 20th is a federal holiday when we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact he has had on society today. As we honor this occasion, I thought I would share a couple of his philosophies that could increase a job seeker’s chances of success in the current market.
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College Recruiting: Is it right for my organization?

CorneliusThe “baby boomer” generation will be retiring in mass numbers over the next few years. Succession planning, or the need to develop people for key operational and future management-level positions, must begin now. Now is the best time to decide whether college recruiting makes sense for your business, and if so, where and how you will find the right people. Continue reading “College Recruiting: Is it right for my organization?”

E Organized Job Search


As the Holiday Season winds down, you may be thinking that it’s time to really get that job search campaign back into action. But job searching can be stressful. In fact, being unemployed rates 4 or 5 on the “Top 10” list of stressful life events. There is a host of documentation to keep track of– resumes, applications, job descriptions, social media content, and names of contacts. And let’s not forget the “I’m not sure which job you’re calling me about?” syndrome that runs through your mind when you answer a telephone call from an employer who wants to screen you over the phone. Continue reading “E Organized Job Search”