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Waiting for the Ball to Drop

The time between Christmas and New Year’s often lends itself to skeleton crews keeping businesses running while many employees enjoy vacation time. This frequently leads to a lull in activities such as hiring. If you are job seeker that is trying to make contacts and follow-up on leads, this can get quite frustrating. To help alleviate this frustration and keep the “happy” in your holidays, here are ten productive ways to spend the time between Christmas and waiting for that New Year’s Eve ball to drop so that business gets back to normal. Continue reading ‘Waiting for the Ball to Drop’

Think Outside the Box

DavidThe Christmas lights folks hang up in their house at this time of year are wonderful and take me back to when I was young, anticipating the arrival of Old St. Nick. As a disabled wheelchair user, however, it used to bother me that I was not able to hang up Christmas lights at my house…that is until I started thinking outside the box. Continue reading ‘Think Outside the Box’

Deck the Hall, Trim the Tree, and Party Like It’s an Interview

cherylLike an interview? You weren’t expecting to party like that, were you? Well, if you are attending an office party this holiday season, you should approach it with just that much care. Party animal and “rising young executive” are not usually synonymous. So how do we handle that office party? Approach it like an interview for your next promotion, because it just could be. Continue reading ‘Deck the Hall, Trim the Tree, and Party Like It’s an Interview’

Storytelling + Interviews

Whether it’s in a painting, photograph, movie, song, commercial, video, or a good-ol’ book – we all love a good story. However, I never thought to connect the art of storytelling to interviewing until I read an article on applying storytelling skills in interviews. Consequently, storytelling has become more important to me in my work. Continue reading ‘Storytelling + Interviews’