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Unemployment, Resumes, and Interviews…Oh My!

The Yellow Brick Road to Job Searching
Searching for a job in today’s market can sometimes leave you feeling a lot like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz — sucked up in a storm of activity and dropped smack in the middle of some foreign land, where you really don’t understand what is going on or how to get back onto familiar ground. If you are anything like me, you might actually have tried clicking your heels together and saying, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!” Most likely to no avail 🙂
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Hiring that Entrepreneurial Spirit, not the Entrepreneur

CorneliusI have a lot of experience when it comes to interviewing. I have been the interviewer and the interviewee on several occasions, and one of the most unnerving questions asked during any interview is “where do you see yourself in five years?” Most of the time, people with an entrepreneurial spirit, although they plan on being with the company for the long run, also have personal goals outside the job. That’s why this question can be a deal maker or deal breaker. I believe that every company would want someone with an entrepreneurial spirit rather than a person who is simply an entrepreneur. These are the people who challenge the norm, have original opinions that move a discussion forward, and act with tenacity and determination.
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“Get-er Done” – with Adaptive Technology

DavidSometimes, I think people are not aware that I can perform most projects as well as anyone else can, only differently.  Walking is not my mode of mobility, but I still get to where I need to go just the same via a wheelchair.  When driving a car, I may not put my foot on the pedal to go faster, but I do accelerate by operating the pedal with hand controls.  At work, the same can be said about the way I complete a project or task. I may not go about it the same way other workers might, but I achieve the same results with the same high-quality standard.
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Is Bigger Really Better?

We live in a world of B-I-G — supersize, jumbo size, upsize, the list goes on and on. For many of us this mind set translates through to our job search. We want to find a job with a nice B-I-G company because they offer more opportunities . . . Right?
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