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Shop Around

cherylExamining resume writing services.
It seems like yesterday that Sondra was in my resume workshop looking forlorn. I found out that three months previous to our meeting, she had contracted a resume writing service that promised to “put her resume on the desk of the decision makers.” Really?

I had heard this line before so I did the Dr. Phil thing and asked, “So, how’s that working for you?”

She responded, “I’m here aren’t I? I’ve had no interviews and I’m out $1,500.”

I tried hard not to swallow my tongue at this price. Continue reading ‘Shop Around’

The Master Application – Express Yourself

JoAnn KawamotoYou have completed your resume(s), and created cover and thank you letter shells. Now you are applying for jobs, awaiting replies.  What else could possibly be needed for your job search?

In this time between jobs, start building your Master Application — an invaluable personal reference document you develop that is all about YOU and kept only by YOU. Continue reading ‘The Master Application – Express Yourself’

Another Perspective

DavidI used to enjoy driving a pickup truck . . . and if you’re from Texas you know that once you drive a pickup truck, you never go back to a car. I enjoyed driving a pickup truck for one particular reason that may not be considered a “utility” reason, such as hauling dirt. No, my reason was so that I could have what I call “vertical therapy”. Continue reading ‘Another Perspective’

O*NET OnLine

I truly don’t think of myself as someone who is a tech geek. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate myself as maybe a five when it comes to being up to date with the latest technology and gadgets. But even though I might not be on the cutting edge, many of my “best friends” are technology driven. 🙂
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