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Your Research is Gold – Part 2

In my previous blog, Your Research Is Gold – Part 1, I mentioned that job seekers tend to provide the same information in their cover letters and resumes, and then repeat this exact same information in an interview. When I interviewed applicants for my company, many interviews surprisingly went something like this:
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Your Research is Gold – Part 1

You’ve probably read or heard that RESEARCH is one of the most important things you need to do in your job search. You all know this because it’s just common sense. However, I can tell you story after story of people who regretted slacking on this vital part of their job search. So exactly how do you do research? Where do you start?
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Saving Somebodies

An Oldie But Goodie – Reposted from January 19, 2009

“All week we’ve been nobodies, but we’ve punched the clock, let’s go be somebody!”  Listening to the radio (yes, Virginia, there is still such a thing in the car), I contemplated the sentiment expressed in the song above, and all I could think was what an utter failure that employer is. All right, so maybe I’m a work wonk if I can’t even lip synch a song without thinking of employment, but that whole refrain is so pitiful. “All week we’ve been nobodies…” – pathetic that employees spend that amount of time feeling lower than dirt.
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Sense-ational Impressions

In our Interviewing workshops, we typically recommend that job seekers go into an interview odorless (i.e. without their favorite lotion, perfume, or aftershave), so as not to trigger any allergic reactions with the interviewers. We also recommend that they try to keep their wardrobe color pallet neutral, so that it is them and their amazing skills that are memorable – not their SCREAMING clothes. While I’m positive that these recommendations are valid, my curiosity was piqued about just how big of a role these “sensory” factors play . . . so I decided to do a little research.
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