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And You Thought the Political Season Was Over

cherylSurviving office politics.
Phew, all finished, the votes are in. I am betting there were many out there that were quite glad when the national elections were over. Unless you are a politician, it can get quite tiresome, the “he said, she said” and maneuvering for power. Let’s get back to work. So, we go into the office to find a different kind of politics. Continue reading ‘And You Thought the Political Season Was Over’

OMG! – What Happened to Professionalism?

Today’s world is filled with all sorts of technological advances and modern day miracles that have made life easier and more casual. The lines between personal and professional lives have become extremely blurred. These events have led to a new social order where manners, personal interactions, and business norms seem like a thing of the past.
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If Not Here Then Where?

cherylOther job search blogs.
I admit it… I had run out of material for this week’s blog and started looking on the Internet for some ideas. Then it hit me that you were probably doing a similar thing, looking for articles in cyber world related to job search. Not wishing to lose any of our loyal readers, it seemed like it would be a good idea to share with you what I found on some other job search advice blogs. Continue reading ‘If Not Here Then Where?’

ABC’s of Job Searching

Today, I was conducting job skills workshops at a library. While I was there, the library’s story time took place. A line of little munchkins came marching by the door and filed into the room adjacent to mine. It wasn’t long before I could hear laughter, excitement, and music drifting through the doorway. A rowdy round of the ABC’s followed. One of the workshop job seekers said, “I wish I was one of them! Life seems so much simpler and more fun.”

So I started thinking about writing the ABC’s of job seeking to possibly interject a bit of fun in my workshop. Unfortunately, I have never been known as a particularly “fun” kind of gal, and all I could come up with were the CCC’s for job searching. 🙂
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