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Workforce Solutions

One question I frequently ask when I am conducting job skills seminars is, “Have you checked out our website?” The most common response is, “Yes, I’m registered.” That’s when I know that I need to try to fit in a mini-lesson about the Workforce Solutions website. Continue reading ‘Workforce Solutions’

It’s Not About You

If that super car salesman only concentrated on promoting the car and did not focus on you, the customer, he would never sell it. However, if he puts his attention on you and shows you just how the car matches your needs . . . bingo, you buy and everyone walks away happy.

It is easy in a job search to focus only on yourself. You are the salesman and the one needing the job, but the reality is that it’s all about the employer, your customer. It’s about being able to sell and market your skills successfully to him. Let’s break it down.
Continue reading ‘It’s Not About You’

Nature Break

Sometimes, springtime can be a season of mixed feelings—“I want to relax” vs. “there’s so much spring cleaning to do.” However, when the weather this time of the year is sunny and breezy, I find it lifts my spirit. Like the song says, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…” Continue reading ‘Nature Break’

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

cherylResearching – a critical skill for a job search
If I had known in my school days how critical effective researching would be when searching for a job, perhaps I would have focused more on the process the teacher taught me in class than on my friends. Ok, maybe not. Let’s admit it, the way we can do research these days has changed dramatically from what it was back then. For those of us who find our research methods to be a bit outdated, let’s look at what is available that will help you get your new job. Continue reading ‘If I Had Known Then What I Know Now’