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Perhaps I have been on too many college campuses of late where Spring Break is going on or about to begin. Maybe it’s the weather turning nicer and I am soaking it all in. Or perhaps that much needed vacation is just around the corner. Whatever the reason, Spring Fever has hit me and it’s a great time to think about new ideas, including some new thoughts on job searching.

The other day as I was looking at the Food Network Magazine, there was an article about some of the most unique jobs in the culinary world . . . like a bubble gum tester or that person who comes up with the newest dish for their favorite restaurant. Have you ever thought about taking your skills into the culinary world? Not only could you create exciting new dishes, but perhaps use your engineering skills to design a great new restaurant, diner, drive in or dive.

Thinking along those lines, I came across a website called Cool Jobs that has some very unusual job possibilities. Imagine being an airplane re-possessor, an academy awards ballot counter (little late for that one), a moonshine shiner. Do you like cycling and photography? The site has info on being a biker photographer for Google Maps. As a disclaimer, I am not as familiar with this website as I am with others, but thought it a great one to get you thinking.

A site I am more familiar with, Cool Works, was created in a little cabin in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. The site boasts that it has “real employers with real jobs in great places.” It posts job opportunities in places like guest ranches, camps, national parks, retreat centers, and more. Positions range from executive chefs and accountants to space camp workers and guides for white water raft trips.

When you are job searching in our WorkinTexas.com, know that we have been known to post positions for wranglers. Also remember that with summer approaching, many camps are gearing up for the season and will need staff, not to mention the recreation centers and swimming pools.

Ok, this is all good news, but there could be a down side — the pay. The pay in many of these positions is not necessarily what you might want or be accustomed to getting. Some may even require that you relocate, at least for the season. However, if you dare to dream and think one of these unique jobs might be for you, check them out. After all, it is almost Spring!

Cheryl Sandifer is a Regional Facilitator with Workforce Solutions. In that role she has been able to apply her knowledge and experience as both an educator and social worker to conduct job search skills seminars throughout the Houston-Galveston area. She has had opportunity to work with those ranging from entry-level to C-level to help them find a job, keep a job, or get a better job.

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