Happy CTE Month!

Career Readiness Begins With the Business Need

Wait. You don’t know what CTE is? CTE is Career and Technical Education and it is the future of workforce preparation. CTE is the P-16 (that would be Pre-K through College) preparation targeting workforce skills. CTE can include college readiness in the truly academic sense; or, it most frequently refers to courses teaching workforce skills in a specific industry or occupation. CTE courses are available in any occupational field from culinary arts (yum, cake!) to auto repair.
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The War for Human Capital

Launching an Effective Job Search Plan of Attack
Recently, I read an article about the “war for human capital,” and for some reason it made me think of Pat Benatar’s song, “Love is a Battlefield.” It also made me think about how finding a good position in today’s market is a hard-fought battle for many job seekers and about another article on Sun Tzu and the “Art of War.” Let’s see how all this can fit together for a successful job search. Continue reading “The War for Human Capital”

Live and Learn

MOOC – Have you heard of it?

A recent development in distant education, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course – a free, large-scale online educational course of study available to anyone. Similar to college courses, but most often without college credit, MOOCs can help individuals prepare for college study, improve their skills and help them make decisions about their careers.
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Spring Fling

cherylSearching for Unique Jobs
Perhaps I have been on too many college campuses of late where Spring Break is going on or about to begin. Maybe it’s the weather turning nicer and I am soaking it all in. Or perhaps that much needed vacation is just around the corner. Whatever the reason, Spring Fever has hit me and it’s a great time to think about new ideas, including some new thoughts on job searching. Continue reading “Spring Fling”