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Please, Bring Me that Pie. I Need to Slam it into My Face.

A guaranteed way to fail the interview opener.

Let’s get to the point quickly folks. You’ve invested time and energy in tailoring the perfect resume. You get that much cherished call to come in for an interview. You invest more time and energy in tailoring your appearance and practicing the perfect confident (but not arrogant) handshake. You know your skills. You can boast a self-assured smile. You have the cordial laugh down to a science. And then you come into the interview room, pick up a nice lemon meringue pie and slam it directly into your face. Continue reading ‘Please, Bring Me that Pie. I Need to Slam it into My Face.’

Tips for the Resourceful Job Seeker

Technology can be amazing, and often it can help make our lives a little easier. Sometimes, however, the hard part is trying to figure out “how to apply” this technology so it does help. Many people find this true when it comes to searching for a job. So while I don’t believe there can ever really be a “one stop shop” to answer all your questions, here are some resources that may prove helpful in providing some answers and direction to your job search efforts.
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Share What You Know

Not long ago, I met Katherine at a library where I was teaching a job search skills class. Later, we started corresponding about her job search and I learned that Katherine has talents and interests other than the ones she is promoting in her search. Katherine makes greeting cards in her leisure time and she would love to work with greeting card companies. Continue reading ‘Share What You Know’

Cloudy with a Chance of Employment

cherylUsing Word Clouds as a Job Search Tool
For six years I have been advising people on writing their resumes to make them more marketable to employers. One of the things I usually say is to “speak their language” meaning use words the company / industry uses. Frequently we call these “buzz words” or industry specific terms. The challenge has been identifying these words, especially if you are transitioning from another field. Here is something that just may help with isolating these critical words – Word Clouds.
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