Cyber World and Job Searching

cherylDo you remember when going viral meant there was some kind of infectious disease going around? For those a bit in the dark, today “going viral” means that your blog, video, or some other cyber communication is being seen by a whole lot of people on the Internet. Today, that could be a good thing…or not. It all depends on how you are viewed in the Cyber World. Let’s see what that has to do with searching for a job.

You IN Cyber World

As often as possible, I caution participants in my workshops about their presence in Cyber World. Whether it is their social media page or a YouTube video, I emphasize that whatever they post needs to be professional at all times.

I tell them about a time, several decades ago, when my best friend and I were at Disney World and we entertained others waiting in the ride lines with our old Girl Scout songs. Yes, we were being silly college students, but there was no “forever memory” in phone videos in those days to quickly post our concert online.

Would I do that today? No way! I tell everyone if you are going to be silly, or worse, you may as well count on someone “capturing” and posting it. Once there, always there.
Do your friends a favor as well, think about their potential careers or families before you post their silliness. Some studies show that 70% of employers have turned people down for a job because of their cyber image.

You WITH Cyber World

Cyber World is definitely playing a major role in job searches these days. Just how many employer requests for paper and pen applications are still out there? Not like in years past. But I’m not going to say anything else about applications, except that if you are sending an unsolicited video application to an employer, it better be of an Emmy caliber. Simply put—don’t do it!

What I would suggest is to take advantage of the millions of networking opportunities on the Internet; do some online career testing; and research companies and occupations.

Workforce Solutions offers a lot of good career planning resources on its website including a video that provides a brief, but comprehensive look at the importance of structuring an effective career plan. There are details about what careers and industries are most in demand, now and in the coming years, and what level of education and training will best prepare those pursuing such careers. Check out the other job search and career planning tools here, too.

Finally, I am going to take it that since you found our blog, you already know how job-seeking advice can be a valuable tool. Make it a habit to check our new posts every week, and spread the word. Who knows, maybe one of these days, BlogForce will go viral.

Cheryl Sandifer is a Regional Facilitator with Workforce Solutions. In that role she has been able to apply her knowledge and experience as both an educator and social worker to conduct job search skills seminars throughout the Houston-Galveston area. She has had opportunity to work with those ranging from the boardroom to the classroom to help them find a job, keep a job, or get a better job.

Author: Blogforce

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