Do You Speak Geek?

cheryl>I remember there was a time when it was not cool to be called a computer geek. How times have changed! Just toss out a few names like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg and we can redefine “cool” as “cool millions.” So let’s talk a little about their field of Computer Systems Design and related services.
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Desperately Seeking a New (Job Fair Recruiting) Lifestyle:

Delving into different ways of discovering new talent pools at job fairs.

I had the pleasure of attending a job fair for Veterans yesterday. There were nearly 90 eager employers ready to talk to the hundreds of military veterans on hand looking for new work. As I walked around the job fair, I noticed some consistencies that were not necessarily good things. Rather than point them out, I decided I would write a blog on different ways to change your recruiting approach (especially if it is not yielding great results). Here we go! Continue reading “Desperately Seeking a New (Job Fair Recruiting) Lifestyle:”

Hiring a Vet Can Work for You

I frequently hear from employers who say, “Just send me people who are responsible and hard-working – who come to work every day, on time, and will contribute to my company team. I need individuals who learn fast and stay smart in changing situations. I’ll teach them the job.”
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