The 8 Commandments of Bootlegging your Car into a Dressing Room

Come on….you haven’t done it? Let me paint you the picture. You are working a part-time gig at a temporary agency as a shipping coordinator in a warehouse, but you are really a procurement guru. Then you get that call from Dream Job Inc. The heavens have split open. They want to interview you during your lunch hour. Before you start your celebration dance you remember, but “I am employed.” and you don’t want your current employer to find out, because that scenario could end badly. What do you do?

The 8 commandments of bootlegging your car into a dressing room

1. Don’t over dress for work, that screams something’s going on.

2. Always place an extra black, navy blue, or grey jacket in your car. Please, please leave the flowery jackets for visiting Aunt Mary.

3. If you are changing your pants – make sure to hang wrinkle free pants in your car.

4. Ladies, changing your pantyhose in the car is a bit voyeuristic, so find a gas station or a fast food joint so you can change. Use non-running panty hose!

5. Try to map where you are going on your phone or ask for clear directions. Don’t search from a work computer.

6. You can apply makeup in the car, but do it away from work.

7. Men or ladies if you need to shave, you can shave in your car, but away from work. You must have clean water and a towel.

8. This is the most important thing. Look very relaxed at the interview, even if you raced to get there.

Having an interview during your lunch break? It’s a piece of cake. Be cool about it, as in, Mount Everest cool. Until next time my contortionist friends.

J. Chacon is a Senior Employment Counselor that specializes in placement for Workforce Solutions – Northeast. She has over 10 years of experience in workforce development and recruiting.

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