Focus On Your Future

Regardless of your age, educational level, or career preference, one of the foundational elements to having a successful job search is to first figure out what kind of position you are seeking. To reach your desired destination you need to have a goal or target set. I call this “What I want to be when I grow up.” Labor market experts estimate that the average adult will change careers at least four times (approximately once every ten years). For many of us, this means we are likely going to “grow” several times during our work life. Sometimes change and growth can be painful, so in this blog I would like to share some tips to help you focus when choosing a career path. Continue reading “Focus On Your Future”

The “G” Man Myth Buster

cherylWhen I hear the term “G-man”, pictures go through my head of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables out to stop Al Capone and busting down doors of speakeasies, or the “Men in Black” zapping bugs that are trying to take over Earth. No doubt, these sound like exciting government jobs, but there are many different job opportunities with the federal government that are often overlooked. So how can you become a “G-man” and find one of these government jobs?
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The 8 Commandments of Bootlegging your Car into a Dressing Room

Come on….you haven’t done it? Let me paint you the picture. You are working a part-time gig at a temporary agency as a shipping coordinator in a warehouse, but you are really a procurement guru. Then you get that call from Dream Job Inc. The heavens have split open. They want to interview you during your lunch hour. Before you start your celebration dance you remember, but “I am employed.” and you don’t want your current employer to find out, because that scenario could end badly. What do you do? Continue reading “The 8 Commandments of Bootlegging your Car into a Dressing Room”

That App Ain’t Right

Applying to jobs in non-traditional ways
I have dealt with hundreds of employers over the many years I have been with Workforce Solutions and each employer has their own “perfect way” of sourcing and recruiting candidates. *sigh* Applications . . . They come in many forms. There’s the dreaded online application that asks you to upload your resume then puts everything in the wrong place. There’s the paper application that is too long for its own good. Then we have the request to “please send a resume and cover letter” – to whom? where? why? how?

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